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Program rating information encoded onto a broadcast video signal as an XDS packet in a Line 21 closed caption system. Television sets with V-Chip decoders will disallow viewing of programs if the rating is too high


Vertical Ancillary Data. Acronym for ancillary data packets carried in the active part of the lines which are during the vertical blanking interval of a digital television signal. May also refer to the data space located in the vertical blanking interval where these packets are carried. Ancillary data packets contain metadata associated with the video or audio of a television bitstream. See also HANC

VBR (Variable Bitrate)

As the name suggests, this is where the bitrate changes throughout the duration of shooting. For example, a Constant Bitrate of 100 Mbps stays the same at every point within the duration, however a Variable Bitrate of 100 Mbps could be more or less at any given point but the standard average would be around 100 Mbps.

Vertical Interval

Non visible part of a video picture. The vertical interval carries Synchronisation Pulses, VITC, Telext , Closed Captions (subtitles when de-coded) and Identification Pulses.

Vestigial sideband (VSB)

Modulation scheme selected by the US Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) for digital terrestrial broadcast television.


Video Graphics Array. A computer video adapter which can display 16 colours at a resolution of 640x480 or 256 colours at 320x200


Video Home System 1/2 inch cassette system.

Video on demand (VOD)

The viewer pays a small fee to the television service provider in order to watch particular movies listed on the on-screen television menu. Similar to pay-per-view.


Vertical Interval Time Code. This time and address control signal standardised by SMPTE 12M-1 is encoded on one or more lines in the vertical interval of standard definition television signals


Vertical interval test signal.


Abbreviation for VistaLINK Pro The name for Evertz Monitoring and control software used to control and monitor many of our 7700 series and 500 series modules. May also be referred to a VistaLINK which is a registered Evertz trademark. VistaLINK is Evertz's remote monitoring and control capability over an Ethernet network using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)


Video Tape Recorder.


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