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A frequency band ranging from 950MHz-2150MHz and used mainly in satellite signal transmission over fiber. Multiple sub-carriers within this spectrum carry many video channels to satellite recievers where single channels can be selected


Microphone suspended from speaker's neck. Often used to describe modern miniature 'tie-clip' microphones.


Uncoated coloured tape used to separate start or finish items. Also refers to film stock used for same purpose.


Optical device for collecting light from a scene and directing it towards the CCD or film.


Letterbox describes a video frame that the image fails to fill vertically, requiring bars without picture information at the top and/or the bottom of the image

Linear Tape - Open (LTO)

A digital tape often used for archive and back-up o file-based media.

Lip Microphone

Commentator's microphone which is rested on the lip in order to provide maximum background noise cancelling.

Logo Inserter

A specific type of keyer which inserts static or animated images or "bugs" into a video bit stream overlaying the image

Low Band

Recording in which the luminance FM deviation is from 3.8 to 5.4 MHZ and the colour under frequency is 685 KHZ.


Linear Time Code or Longitudinal Time Code. This time and address control signal standardised by SMPTE 12M-1 has been in widespread use in the professional video and audio industries since 1975. It is typically written on a time code or address track of a video recorder and provides an individual frame number for each video frame recorded. LTC is also commonly used to distribute time of day information to wall clocks, automation systems and other devices throughout a television facility. In regions of the world using the NTSC or similar non-integer (1/1.001) frame rates, LTC locked to the video frame rate does not maintain accurate time and must be corrected regularly when it is used convey time of day information. (See also Drop Frame and VITC)


Monochrome component of colour signal.


Basic metric unit of illumination.


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