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F Number

Camera iris calibration obtained by dividing the focal length by the effective iris diameter.


Gradual increase or decrease in audio or video signal strength.


Apple's Final Cut Pro NLE Suite.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

The U.S. government body responsible for setting and enforcing regulations of transmissions over publicly accessible airwaves.


Where sound or pictures loop back on themselves producing whistles or multiple images.

Fiber Optics

A method of encoding digital information into a pulsing laser, allowing much higher transmission bandwidth than copper cable


Even or odd line component of a frame in an interlaced TV system (see Frame).


Frame Interline Transfer.


Vertical break up at top of picture on poor VTR recordings.

Flying Erase

Facility for erasing single video tracks from a rotating head instead of a fixed head.


A single stationary television or film image. In European television 25 frames per second are scanned to give the impression of continuous movement. Each frame may be composed of two interlaced fields in order to provide smoother motion (50i).

Frame Code

Absolute address system for each frame, recorded in the vertical blanking period.

Frame Synchronizer

A device which retimes an incoming video signal to a set reference such as genlock, bi-level or tri-level sync signals


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