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Ratio of amplification of attenuation usually expressed in decibels.


Means of locking local SPG into incoming or pre-recorded video to provide full synchronisation.


General Purpose Interface. A method for communicating with electronic systems by utilizing relay or electronic contact closure inputs and outputs. This term may also be an acronym for General Purpose Input, which is the contact closure input of a General Purpose Interface


General Purpose Output. The contact closure output of a General Purpose Interface


Global Positioning System. A collection of 24 orbiting satellites operated by the US Department of Defense. Using signals transmitted to and from these satellites, electronic devices can pinpoint their location and the local time and time zone automatically


In monitors. 1 is full broadcast colour balance standard. 2 is general purpose and 3 is a converted domestic receiver.


Device which allows for the shaping of audio frequency responses in a visual manner.


A group of lines inserted over a video signal to allow for measurement and alignment of the image. In a film camera the graticule is ground into the glass of the optical viewfinder to allow the cinematographer to properly frame the image

Guard Band

Blank region between recorded magnetic tape tracks to eliminate crosstalk.


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