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A Service and Support Level that you Can Trust

When it comes to servicing and repairs, manufacturers reserve their ASC (Authorised Service Centre) status for their most trusted and capable partners.

We are immensely proud of our manufacturer-approved professional service and repair centre, we cover all major cameras, tripods, monitors and lenses including; Arri, Sony, Panasonic, O’Connor, Sachtler, RED, Vinten, Cartoni, SmallHD, TV-logic, Angenieux, Canon, Fujinon & Cooke.

CVP are the only Sony, RED, SmallHD, Angenieux, Cartoni, O’Connor, Sachtler, Vinten & LitePanel Authorised Service Centre within Europe. As such we are authorised to perform ‘free’ in-warranty repairs to any legitimately EU-sourced product, irrespective of whether it was originally purchased from ourselves. If your unit is physically damaged, we can repair the unit back to full manufacturer specifications retaining your warranty status for any future repairs.

  • Manufacturer trained engineers
  • Online tracking of all repairs
  • While you wait service on minor repairs and software updates
  • Fully Authorised Service Centre status for key manufacturers
  • Industry approved repairer
  • Tracked Delivery
  • If we sell it we’ll repair it

At CVP we understand that great pictures start with great glass and with over 20 years' experience, you can trust CVP’s engineering team to give you the best possible service, backed by state of the art facilities all dedicated to restoring your equipment back to A1 condition.

We're here to help. CVP manufacturer-certified repair team are experts who use genuine parts. Start your repair request now or scroll to learn more about CVP repair and servicing.

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