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Terms and Glossary

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National Association of Broadcasters. Used as a term for standards specified by the organisation.

NAB Cartridge

A standard endless loop cartridge.

NAB Spool

A 26.6cm diameter tape spool with a large central hole.

National Television System Committee (NTSC)

The committee that decided on the compatible colour television system for the US. The FCC adopted it in 1953.

Native Format

The original format the camera encodes to (also referred to as source format).

NLE (Non-Linear Edit)

Such as Avid, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas.


The public domain software package called NTP (Network Time Protocol) is an implementation of the TCP/IP network protocol with the same name. NTP is now widely used around the world to achieve high accuracy time synchronization for computers across a network. The protocol supports an accuracy of time down to nanoseconds however; the real accuracy that can be achieved also depends on the operating system and the network performance


National Television Standards Committee. An analog video format with 525 lines per frame, used as the broadcast standard for United States, Canada, Japan and several other countries


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