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Radio frequency (RF)

Refers to the use of radio carrier waves to transmit a broadcast signal.


Unmodulated TV picture comprising horizontal lines.


Rewriteable consumer time code, 8mm consumer time code written without reference to audio or video.


A method for signal regeneration and jitter reduction involving clock and data recovery

Red, green, blue (RGB)

The basic colour signals used to drive a display.

Redundant array of independent disks (RAID)

Used to store video programming in video production and delivery environments.


Ability of the picture to resolve fine detail. The greater the resolution the sharper the picture.


Maximum remanent magnetism possible in a magnetic material.


The three primary colour signals: red, green, and blue (RGB) that together convey all necessary picture information. In normal high definition digital video, these three primary components are scaled such that the extreme values are code words 040h (64) and 3ACh (940) in a 10-bit representation. See also FSRGB

Rostrum Camera

A fixed camera mounted vertically for shooting complicated graphics or animation.


A multi-input, multi-output device that allows for quick switching from one video input to another without recabling

RP 168

The SMPTE Recommended Practice for the definition of the vertical interval switching point for synchronous video switching. This recommended practice also defines a default alignment between standard definition and high definition synchronizing pulse signals

RS 232

Serial communication standard used mainly by computers.

RS 422

Serial communication standard used for broadcast equipment control.


A common interface standard for serial data communications equipment


A serial data standard which allows one transmitter to send communication data to up to 10 receivers


A "party-line" serial data standard with up to 32 transmitters and receivers. Only one line transmitts data at a time while all other lines can receive simultaneously


Rack Unit. A standard unit of measurement equivalent to 1.75 inches or 45 mm, used for audio-visual equipment racks


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