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Time Base Corrector.


A device that transfers motion picture film to video. This sometimes involves changing the frame rate by inserting a 3:2 pulldown

Terrestrial television

Television signals broadcast from local radio towers. Homes with antennas capable of picking up the broadcast signals are able to receive the television program.

Time Base Corrector

Short term signal store designed to reduce timing errors and litter in VTRs.

Time Code or Timecode

See Linear Time Code and Vertical interval Time Code

Time Lapse

Recording of a single frame(s) with a time interval between each recording.

Timecode (LTC)

Longitudinal, absolute address for each frame in hours, minutes and seconds recorded on a dedicated track.


Adjustment for optimum head alignment on recorded track.


Changing from one codec to another. This is sometimes reqired as the destination (such as an edit suite) may not be compatible with the source codec. You should aim to keep this to a minimum as:

1. There is a small loss of quality each time you transcode; often referred to as a 'generational loss'.
2. It can take a lot of time and computer processing ability to change between codecs.
3. You will require more storage to store both the original codec and he destination codec (in the short term at least, as you may later decide to only keep one).

Transport Stream (TS)

Data stream that includes ancillary data, compressed video, and compressed audio.

Tri-level Sync

An HDTV synchronization signal


Coaxial type cable with extra screen to provide camera power.


Timing reference signals used in composite digital systems. It is four words long.


Abbreviation for "Timing Reference Signal Identification". A reference signal used to maintain timing in composite digital systems. It is four words long.


Tri-Level Sync Generator (See Tri-Level Sync)


Abbreviation for Transmission.


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