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Thursday 21st of September 2017
Panasonic AU-EVA1 (EVA-1,AU-EVA1EJ) 5.7K EF Mount Compact Super 35mm Cinema Camera with Handle, Grip and Monitor
Atomos Shogun Inferno 7.1 inch AtomHDR 1500nit Field Monitor with 4k/HD 10 bit recording with EVA Case and Master Caddy Only
AngelBird AB-4KRAWATOM500 Atomos MasterCaddy 4K RAW 500GB
Atomos Power Kit for the Atomos Flame or Inferno Series Monitor Recorder (AO-ATOMPWRKIT1)
SmallHD (SHD-CBLSGL-BNCBNCMM-THIN24) 24-inch Thin SDI Cable
SHAPE BP10 (BP-10) Revolt VCT Universal Baseplate with Shoulder Mount
SHAPE RPB2AHS (RPB2-AHS) 2-Axis Push Button Arm with Hot Shoe
Shape EVAAP (EVA-AP) Adapter Plate for Panasonic EVA1
Shape HAND3 (HAND-3) Single Telescopic Handle with ARRI Rosette - Left
Friday 10th of November 2017
MYT Works Medium Glide Slider 4ft. Rail Length, 100mm Bowl (p/n 1030)
MYT Works Medium-Large Glide 4ft. Reinforced ultra-tough Cordura Carrying Case (p/n 1160)
Tuesday 14th of November 2017
MYT Works Medium Glide Slider 4ft. Rail Length, 100mm Bowl (p/n 1030)
MYT Works Medium Deluxe Accessories Kit with Baby Stand Adapter, Half Ball Adapter, End Support, Underslung Rigging System and more (p/n 1483)
Thursday 16th of November 2017
RED EPIC-W 8K Digital Cinematography Camera with 8K HELIUM S35 CMOS Sensor - Brain Only (Standard OLPF) (p/n 710-0263-STD)
RED DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander (p/n 720-0045)
RED Pro Touch 7-inch LCD Monitor for DSMC and DSMC2 Cameras (p/n 730-0025)
RED MINI-MAG 480GB (p/n 750-0090)
RED MINI MAG STATION - USB 3.1 (p/n 750-0084)
DSMC Titanium PL Mount (CAPTIVE) Compatible with the Weapon, Epic/Scarlet Dragon, Scarlet-W and Epic/Scarlet M-X (p/n 725-0022)
RED DSMC Aluminium Canon Mount for Canon EF and EF-S Lenses to use with DSMC or DSMC2 (p/n 725-0026)
RED DSMC2 Sidekick (Magnesium) for the Weapon, Scarlet-W and Raven (p/n 720-0032)
RED Side Handle for DSMC2 Cameras  - including Raven, Scarlet-W, Weapon (p/n 720-0050)
Friday 17th of November 2017
Freefly Movi M15 (MoviM15) Cinema Ready Stabiliser
Hawk-Woods CLB-MOV (CLBMOV) Movi JST Power Cable (Reg 16.5v) - Tiny Tap
ARRI Alexa Mini 4K UHD, Carbon Fibre Video Camera with ALEV III CMOS Sensor K1.0003873 (K10003873)
Hawk-Woods ST-QR (STQR) Sticky Battery Quick Release Mounting Bracket
Hawk-Woods ST-38 (ST38) 14.4v 38W Sticky Battery Pack
Hawk-Woods ST-75 (ST75) 14.4v 75Wh Sticky Battery Pack
Hawk-Woods PC-16R (PC16R) Power-Con 2-pin Plug (male) - Right Angle Lemo 8-p for the ARRI Alexa Mini (30cm)
Hawk-Woods GC-4A (GC4A) Power-Con Clip-on 4-way Adapter with 30cm Cord
Hawk-Woods ST-2C (ST2C) Dual Sticky Charger for ST-38 and ST-75
Thursday 23rd of November 2017


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