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Panasonic AU-EVA1 (EVA-1) 5.7K EF Mount Compact Super 35mm Cinema Camera with Handle, Grip and Monitor
Vocas USBP-15 MKII Baseplate 0350-2200 (03502200)
Vocas Straight Handgrip 15mm Rail Bracket - 0390-0110 (03900110)
Vocas Double Sided Handgrip Extender- Medium (110mm) - 0390-0020 (03900020)
Vocas Offset Handgrip Extender Long (150mm) - 0390-0030 (03900030)
Vocas 0390-0180 (03900180) Handgrip rosette adapter for Panasonic AU-EVA1
Vocas Leather Handgrip Short - 0390-0004 (03900004)
Vocas 0350-1335 (03501335) H-Cheese Plate for Panasonic AU-EVA1
Vocas Separate Top Handgrip including 15mm Top Rails - 0350-1400 (03501400)
Wednesday 20th of September 2017
Panasonic AU-EVA1 (EVA-1) 5.7K EF Mount Compact Super 35mm Cinema Camera with Handle, Grip and Monitor
DJI Ronin-MX 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal - Includes Grip and Thumb Controller (Ronin-MX)
Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS UsM Wide Angle Lens (p/n 5179B005AA)
SmallHD FOCUS (SHD-MON-FOCUS) Full HD 5-inch LCD Daylight Viewable On-Camera Monitor with 800 NITs Brightness
SmallHD SHD-ACCHOOD-FOCUS (ACC-HOOD-FOCUS) 3-Sided Sun Shade For Focus Monitor
SmallHD Thin Micro HDMI Type D to Standard HDMI Cable Type A - 24inch (SHD-CBLSGL-HDMIMICRO-FULL24)
Anton Bauer NP-F774 L-Series 7.2V, 4400 mAh Li-Ion Battery (p/n 8675-0110)
Panasonic AG-VBR89G (AGVBR89G) 8850mAh Battery Pack for AG-DVX200 / AJ-PX270EJ Camcorder
Anton Bauer 8475-0131 - UK (84750131UK) 7.2V L-Series Single Charger 7.2V, L-Series Single Position Charger with 5V USB output port, UK Plug
Wednesday 20th of September 2017
Thursday 21st of September 2017
Friday 22nd of September 2017
RED Raven Camera Brain Only - Cinematic 4.5K Resolution up to 120fps and 2K up to 240fps in a Compact Body (p/n 710-0223)
RED DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander (p/n 720-0045)
Swit SC-302S (SC302S) Lightwight, Portable Dual Channel Sequential Charger for Swit V-Mount Batteries
CoreSWX HCS-98S (HCS98S) Hypercore Slim 98 V-Mount Li-ion Battery Pack - 98Wh, 14.8v 6.6Ah, 12A draw
DJI Ronin-MX 3-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal - Includes Grip and Thumb Controller (Ronin-MX)
Samyang VDSLR Lens Kit Including 6x Canon EF Mount Lenses and Custom Case (7413)
Sachtler Ace Matte Box for Lenses up to 143mm in Diameter and 15mm Rod support Systems (p/n S2152-0001)
Tiffen 6666BPM14 (6666-BPM14) 6.6 x 6.6 Black Pro Mist 1/4 Filter
Red Touch 4.7 Inch 60Hz Touchscreen LCD Monitor with 1280 x 720 Resolution (p/n 730-0019)
Monday 25th of September 2017
Manfrotto MB PL-3N1-36 (MBPL3N136) Pro Light Camera Backpack for DSLR/C100/DJI Phantom - 3N1-36
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Professional Quadcopter
Canon EOS 80D 24.2 Megapixel APS-C Digital SLR Camera with Canon EF 18-55mm IS STM Lens (Canon p/n 1263C044AA)
Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 (MT-190CXPRO4) 190 Carbon Fibre 4-section Tripod with horizontal column
Tuesday 26th of September 2017
Canon Cinema EOS C200 EF Super 35mm 4K Digital Cinematography Camcorder and 24-105mm f/4.0 IS II USM Lens Kit (p/n 2244C006AA)
Manfrotto MVKN8C (MVK-N8C) Nitrotech N8 and 535 MPRO Carbon Fibre 2-Stage Tripod - Single Legs
Manfrotto MB PL-RL-55 (MBPLRL55) Pro Light Reloader-55 Camera Roller Bag for DSLR/Camcorder
Manfrotto 244MICRO-AR - Friction Arm with Anti-Rotation Attachments - Accepts Interchangeable 1/4
Manfrotto MLL1300-BI (MLL1300BI) Lykos Bi-Colour LED Light
Manfrotto MS0490A (MS-0490A) Nanopole Lightweight two-in-one Portable Stand & Boom Pole
Tuesday 26th of September 2017
Manfrotto MBOOMCFVR-M (MBOOMCFVRM) Virtual Reality Carbon Fibre Extension Boom - Medium
Manfrotto MCUPVR (MCU-PVR) Virtual Reality Pump Cup with Spigot Adapter
Manfrotto MBASEPROVR (MBASE-PRO-VR) Virtual Reality Aluminium Base with Half Ball for Levelling
Insta360 Pro 360 Degree and 3D Camera with 8K Maximum Resolution - Black (p/n 850273)
Manfrotto M035VR (M0-35VR) Virtual Reality Super Clamp
Manfrotto 032SPL (032-SPL) Autopole Spirit Level
Tuesday 26th of September 2017
Blackmagic Video Assist 5 inch Full HD Touchscreen Monitor with Built in ProRes and DNxHD Recorder (p/n BMD-HYPERD/AVIDAS5HD)
Blackmagic Design BMD-CABLE-DIN/BNCFEMALE (BMDCABLEDINBNCFEMALE) DIN 1.0/2.3 to BNC (Female) Mini SDI Cable for Hyperdeck Shuttle, Video Assist 5
Monday 16th of October 2017