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DJI SPARK - Palm-Sized Quadcopter with 12 Megapixel Gimbal Camera and Gesture-Based Control
DJI Spark Remote Controller - Part 4
DJI Spark - Intelligent Flight Battery - 1480 mAh / 11.4V
DJI Spark Propeller Guard - Part 1
Friday 22nd of September 2017
Manfrotto MB PL-3N1-36 (MBPL3N136) Pro Light Camera Backpack for DSLR/C100/DJI Phantom - 3N1-36
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Professional Quadcopter
Canon EOS 80D 24.2 Megapixel APS-C Digital SLR Camera with Canon EF 18-55mm IS STM Lens (Canon p/n 1263C044AA)
Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 (MT-190CXPRO4) 190 Carbon Fibre 4-section Tripod with horizontal column
Tuesday 26th of September 2017
Polar Pro MVC-CS-6PK (MVCCS6PK) Mavic Cinema Series Filters 6-Pack
F-stop (m211) Small Pro ICU (Internal Dimensions - 16.5 x 26.7 x 17.8 cm)
Polar Pro MVC-LG (MVCLG) Mavic Extended Landing Gear
DJI Mavic - Intelligent Flight 3830mAh Battery for the Mavic Pro
DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Quadcopter with 4K Stabilised Camera
DJI Mavic - Car Charger compatible with the Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery
DJI Mavic - 8330 Quick Release Folding Propellers Compatible with the Mavic Pro
DJI Mavic Propeller Guard - Part 32
SanDisk SDSQXAF-032G-GN6AT (SDSQXAF-032G) 32GB 90MB/s V30 A1 Extreme microSDHC with SD Adapter - Twin Pack
Saturday 30th of September 2017
Thursday 19th of October 2017
DJI Osmo Plus - Fully Stabilized 12MP 4K Handheld Gimbal Camera (Osmo+)
DJI Extension Rod (Stick) for the Osmo 12MP 4K Handheld Camera
Genus CP-PPOLE (CPPPOLE) Production Charters Pole
LEE Filters Eagle Eye 0.6, 0.9, 1.2 Neutral Density Circular Filter Set Compatible with the DJI Inspire 1 and the DJI Osmo (EENDSET)
Friday 27th of October 2017
Freefly Movi M15 (MoviM15) Cinema Ready Stabiliser
Hawk-Woods CLB-MOV (CLBMOV) Movi JST Power Cable (Reg 16.5v) - Tiny Tap
ARRI Alexa Mini 4K UHD, Carbon Fibre Video Camera with ALEV III CMOS Sensor K1.0003873 (K10003873)
Hawk-Woods ST-QR (STQR) Sticky Battery Quick Release Mounting Bracket
Hawk-Woods ST-38 (ST38) 14.4v 38W Sticky Battery Pack
Hawk-Woods ST-75 (ST75) 14.4v 75Wh Sticky Battery Pack
Hawk-Woods PC-16R (PC16R) Power-Con 2-pin Plug (male) - Right Angle Lemo 8-p for the ARRI Alexa Mini (30cm)
Hawk-Woods GC-4A (GC4A) Power-Con Clip-on 4-way Adapter with 30cm Cord
Hawk-Woods ST-2C (ST2C) Dual Sticky Charger for ST-38 and ST-75
Thursday 23rd of November 2017


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