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Sennheiser MKE 600 (MKE-600) Shotgun Microphone (505453)
Sennheiser KA 600 Coiled XLR-3F to 3.5 mm jack Microphone Cable - 20cm (p/n 505633)
Rycote All-in-one Suspension and 15cm Classic Softie Windshield Kit for Shotgun Microphones 19-22mm in Diameter (p/n 116011)
Sennheiser HD 205-II (HD205II) Closed Supra-Aural Headphones with Rotating Ear Cups
Thursday 21st of September 2017
LEE Filters 4 x 5.65 Inch ProGlass Cine 0.6 Neutral Density Filter (PGC06PV)
LEE Filters 4 x 5.65 Inch ProGlass Cine 0.3 Neutral Density Filter (PGC03PV)
Lee Filters ProGlass Cine 2.1ND 4 x 5.65in Filter (p/n PGC21PV)
Lee Filters ProGlass Cine 1.8ND 4 x 5.65in Filter (p/n PGC18PV)
Lee Filters ProGlass Cine 1.5ND 4 x 5.65in Filter (p/n PGC15PV)
LEE Filters 4 x 5.65 Inch ProGlass Cine 1.2 Neutral Density Filter (PGC12PV)
LEE Filters 4 x 5.65 Inch ProGlass Cine 0.9 Neutral Density Filter (PGC09PV)
LEE Filters Cleaning Cloth for Lenses and Filters (FHLCC)
LEE Filters CLFW50PK (CLFW50PK) ClearLEE Filters Wash 50ml
Wednesday 27th of September 2017
LEE Filters Pro Glass ND Standard Filter 100x100mm 0.6ND for reducing exposure by 2 stops (GL100ND6)
LEE Filters Pro Glass ND Standard Filter 100x100mm 0.9ND for reducing exposure by 3 stops (GL100ND9)
LEE Filters FHFK Foundation Kit - Filter Holder (FHFK)
LEE Filters Adaptor Ring 77mm for lenses with a 77mm thread (FHWAAR77C)
Thursday 12th of October 2017
Sound Devices SD-MIXPRE-3 (SDMIXPRE3) MixPre-3 Audio Recorder with USB Audio Streaming
Hawk-Woods SD-2 (SD2) MDV Battery Adapter for Sound Devices Mix Pre 3 and 6 Mixers
Wednesday 18th of October 2017
Thursday 19th of October 2017
Sony PXW-FS5K (PXWFS5K) 4K Super 35 Exmor CMOS Sensor E-Mount Camera with RAW Upgrade Key - APS-C E-Mount 18-105mm Zoom Lens
Metabones Canon EF to Sony E Mount T Cine Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x (p/n MB_SPEF-E-BT3)
Hawk-Woods BP-75UX (BP75UX) 75Wh 14.4v Direct Sony Replacement BP-U Battery
Hawk-Woods BP-2X2 (BP2X2) 2-Channel BP-U Simultaneous Battery Charger
Vocas MB-256 Matte Box Kit For Any Camera with 15mm LW Support - 0256-2010 (02562010)
Vocas MFC-3 Follow Focus 0500-0030 (05000030)
Vocas 3 x Flexible gear ring with 2 movable stops for use with cilindrical lenses w/focus barrel diameter between 40mm and 110mm - 0500-0295-03 (0500029503)
Vocas Pro Rail Support - 0350-0600 (03500600)
Vocas Shoulder Support for underneath 15mm rails - 0370-0005 (03700005)
Friday 27th of October 2017
Panasonic AU-EVA1 (EVA-1,AU-EVA1EJ) 5.7K EF Mount Compact Super 35mm Cinema Camera with Handle, Grip and Monitor
Atomos Shogun Inferno 7.1 inch AtomHDR 1500nit Field Monitor with 4k/HD 10 bit recording with EVA Case and Master Caddy Only
AngelBird AB-4KRAWATOM500 Atomos MasterCaddy 4K RAW 500GB
Atomos Power Kit for the Atomos Flame or Inferno Series Monitor Recorder (AO-ATOMPWRKIT1)
SmallHD (SHD-CBLSGL-BNCBNCMM-THIN24) 24-inch Thin SDI Cable
SHAPE BP10 (BP-10) Revolt VCT Universal Baseplate with Shoulder Mount
SHAPE RPB2AHS (RPB2-AHS) 2-Axis Push Button Arm with Hot Shoe
Shape EVAAP (EVA-AP) Adapter Plate for Panasonic EVA1
Shape HAND3 (HAND-3) Single Telescopic Handle with ARRI Rosette - Left
Friday 10th of November 2017
ZEISS 21-100mm/T2.9-3.9 T LWZ.3 Lightweight Zoom Lens - EF Mount Metres or Feet (2149-222/2149-223)
Canon CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S 4K Compact Cine-Servo Cinema EOS Lens - EF Mount
Fujinon MK 18-55mm (MK-18-55mm) T2.9 Sony E-Mount Cabrio Cinema Zoom Lens
Fujinon MK 50-135mm (MK-50-135mm) T2.9 Sony E-Mount Cabrio Cinema Telephoto Zoom Lens
Sigma 18-35mm T2 High Speed Zoom Cine Lens - EF Mount - Available in Feet or Metre Scale (210966 / 21M966)
Sigma 50-100mm T2 High Speed Zoom Cine Lens - EF Mount - Available in Feet or Metre Scale (693966 / 69M966)
Friday 10th of November 2017
MYT Works Medium Glide Slider 4ft. Rail Length, 100mm Bowl (p/n 1030)
MYT Works 100mm Half Ball Tripod Adapter (p/n 1182)
Tuesday 14th of November 2017
RED EPIC-W 8K Digital Cinematography Camera with 8K HELIUM S35 CMOS Sensor - Brain Only (Standard OLPF) (p/n 710-0263-STD)
RED DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander (p/n 720-0045)
RED Pro Touch 7-inch LCD Monitor for DSMC and DSMC2 Cameras (p/n 730-0025)
RED MINI-MAG 480GB (p/n 750-0090)
RED MINI MAG STATION - USB 3.1 (p/n 750-0084)
DSMC Titanium PL Mount (CAPTIVE) Compatible with the Weapon, Epic/Scarlet Dragon, Scarlet-W and Epic/Scarlet M-X (p/n 725-0022)
RED DSMC Aluminium Canon Mount for Canon EF and EF-S Lenses to use with DSMC or DSMC2 (p/n 725-0026)
RED DSMC2 Sidekick (Magnesium) for the Weapon, Scarlet-W and Raven (p/n 720-0032)
RED Side Handle for DSMC2 Cameras  - including Raven, Scarlet-W, Weapon (p/n 720-0050)
Friday 17th of November 2017
Manfrotto 190XPRO4 Aluminium 4-Section Tripod with Horizontal Column - Black (MT190XPRO4)
Manfrotto MVH502AH (MVH502AH) Pro Video Head Flat Base (Medium Size) ideal for Camcorders and HDSLR Cameras
Wednesday 22nd of November 2017
Canon 85mm f/1.4L IS USM Telephoto Lens - EF Mount
Canon EF 24mm f1.4L II USM L Series Wide Angle Lens (p/n 2750B005AA)
Saturday 25th of November 2017
Monday 11th of December 2017
LitePanels Gemini 2x1 Bi-Colour LED Soft Panel with Yoke Mount and UK Power Cable (p/n 940-1201)
LitePanels Snapbag Softbox for Gemini LED Panel (p/n 900-0035)
LitePanels 40 Degree Snapgrid Eggcrate for Gemini Snapbag (p/n 900-0038)
LitePanels Anvil Style Road Case for Gemini Fixture with Yoke (p/n 900-3615)
LitePanels 60 Degree Honeycomb Grid for Gemini 2x1 LED Panel (p/n 900-3602)
LitePanels Barn Doors for Gemini 2x1 LED Panel (p/n 900-3603)
Anton Bauer CINE VCLX BATTERY (CINEVCLXBATTERY) 560Wh NiMH Simultaneous Voltage Output Battery (p/n 8675-0051)
Anton Bauer CINE-VCLX (CINEVCLX) Battery Charger for CINE VCLX, CINE VCLX-CA and CINE VCLX/2 (p/n 8475-0109)
Anton Bauer CS-GBC (CSGBC) Charge cable for CINE VCLX, CINE VCLX-LG and CINE VCLX-CA to CINE VCLX charger (required) (p/n 8075-0111)
Wednesday 3rd of January 2018
ARRI L0.0007064 (L00007064) S60-C Ultra-Bright and High-Quality LED Soft Light SkyPanel (Schuko powerCON)
ARRI L2.0008070 (L20008070) V-Mount Battery Adapter Plate for Skypanel S30 and S60
Hawk-Woods VL-190 (VL190) Lithium-Ion Battery 14.4V / 190W
Hawk-Woods VL-2X2C (VL2X2C) V-Lok Simultaneous Dual Compact 2-Channel Lithium-Ion Ultra Fast Charger
ARRI L2.0016362 (L2.0016362) SkyLink 3 Receiver Kit (EU Version) with 3 Receivers and 1 SkyLink Base Station - Schuko
ARRI L2.0008078 (L20008078) Centre Mount Yoke
Wednesday 17th of January 2018


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