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I need my order to be delivered ASAP, whom I should call?

Please call us on 01527 851 858.

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Where is my order information?

You can find your order information in your account page

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How do I know if you have received my order?

Following your order, you will receive an automated confirmation email from our system. The next email you will receive will be from our order processing team detailing your order and delivery times.

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I would like to order by phone, where can I find your telephone number?

Check our contact page Contact page

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What does access exclusive members only pricing means, does it means that if I'm a new customer I cannot buy it at this price?

You become a CVP member as soon as you register on our website. Make sure you are logged in before adding the item to the basket.

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Will I have to pay duty and taxes?

See: our taxation Page

If you are located outside the EU, then no VAT will be payable but you will have to pay any duties or taxes imposed by your own country on imports. You'll need to check with your local authorities as to what may be due. If you are located within the EU, then the link above explains the situation.

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How do I cancel my order?

If your order has just been placed and currently processing, you are able to cancel your order from your account page, alternatively, you can contact us using the form on the contact page or call us on 01527 854 222.

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I need assistance with my order, who do i contact?

Please call us on 01527 854 222.

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Can I pay online using my Business Account?

Unfortunately not, but we are working on adding this option.

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Can I place an order from abroad?

Yes. We welcome overseas customers and deliver worldwide, subject to the following payment terms: Customers can pay by credit card if delivery is to the registered (confirmed) address of the credit card and the transaction is 3D secure, i.e. : It is Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode. In the event that the transaction is insecure payment can only be accepted as a bank wire transfer in GBP.

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How can I find promotional codes?

We provide promotional codes to our mailing subscribers, on our pages social media and we also list them on our deals page

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How can I get a VAT receipt?

A Full VAT invoice is provided for all orders.

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How to check what will be the shipping price?

Add your item to the basket to see estimated shipping price.

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I've received an email asking to provide proof of address. What does this mean and is it safe?

As we take our online security seriously, we carry out strict security checks on orders placed using your credit / debit card so that your card will not be used illegally. These checks are in your interest. To verify your identity, we compare the details provided to us on your order with the details held by your bank. If these details do not match or we feel there may be some problem with the details you provided, we will ask you to confirm your address or identity. Follow the instructions contained in the email and provide us with confirmation of address. Please note that we do not ask you to provide card details or any personal information.

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