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Throughout its 95-year history, ARRI has been associated with constant innovation and revolutionary technologies in all of its core businesses. The company is involved in all aspects of the film industry: engineering, design, manufacture, production, visual effects, postproduction, equipment rental, laboratory services and studio lighting solutions. Manufactured products include cameras, lighting fixtures and digital postproduction tools. In addition to camera systems for 16 mm, 35 mm and 65 mm film, ARRI leads the field in digital acquisition with its ALEXA digital camera system, which delivers the highest quality images with minimal noise, wide dynamic range and workflows. Lighting products encompass traditional technologies as well as the latest advances in LED illumination, while the ARRISCAN film scanner and ARRILASER film recorder have become ubiquitous, indispensable tools in postproduction facilities all over the world. Film and digital image manipulation, restoration, archiving and preservation are addressed with products such as the ARRISCAN Wetgate and various archive tools.


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CVP & ARRI Creative Space

CVP & ARRI Creative Space is an exciting new collaboration between CVP and ARRI taking up a stylish residence in Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia. Our showroom will be presenting the latest ARRI technology including the brand new ALEXA LF and signature primes. We will also have on display complimentary equipment supplied by Codex, Oconnor, Ronford Baker and Hawk-Woods.

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ARRI Categories

ARRI Cine Cameras
Camera Top Microphones
Camera Top Microphones
Camera Stabilisers
Matte Boxes and Accessories
Microphone Accessories
Camcorder Support Rig Bundles - Transform the ergonomics of a video camera / camcorder by adding a shoulder mount, counter-balancing weights, handles and other accessories
Rig Bundles
Memory Cards
Pro Camera Accessories
Camera Remote Controls
Hard Cases
Soft Cases
Lens Adapters & Mounts
Lens Accessories
Replacement / Spare Tripod Plates
Tripod Quick Release Plates
Tripod Heads
Battery Adaptors and Brackets
Battery Plates & Mounting Brackets
External Power Supply
Lighting Ballasts
Camcorder Accessory Packs
Camcorder Accessory Packs
Signal Converters
Cable Tidy
Card Readers & Adapters
Photographic Bags
Photographic Bags
Lighting cases
Filter Cases
Straps & Supports
Camcorder Cases
Lens Cases
Video Links
Drop-in Filters
Filter accessories
4x5.65 Filters(Panavision size)
6.6 x 6.6 Filters
LED Fresnel
LED Tungsten Lights
LED Tungsten Lights
Tungsten Fresnel Lamps
Tungsten Fresnel Lamps
HMI (Metal Halide) Daylight Lights - These cool running and highly efficient Halogen Arc lights produce a high quality daylight output.
HMI Daylight Lights
Hard Light Accessories & Spares
Hard Light Accessories & Spares
LED Bi-colour Lights
Tungsten Halogen Floodlamps - These lamps include the classic blonde and redhead types
Tungsten Halogen Floodlamps
LED Daylight Lights
LED Daylight Lights
Soft Light Accessories
Soft Light Accessories
Daylight LED Soft Lights
Daylight LED Soft Lights
Bi / Variable Colour LED Softlights which allow selection of virtually any colour temperature between Tungsten 3200K and Daylight 6500K
Bi-Colour LED Softlights
Tungsten LED Soft Lights with colour temperature of 3200K
Tungsten LED Soft Lights
Soft Boxes - These can be attached to a light source in order to provide a more diffused output
Soft Boxes and Accessories
Flags, Nets & Scrims
Flags, Nets & Scrims
Colour Correction Gels / Filters
Lighting Stands
Lighting Stands
Articulating / Tilting Arms & Brackets
Articulating / Tilting Arms & Brackets
Lighting Clamps & Spigots
Lighting Clamps & Spigots
Sand Bags
Sand Bags
Tungsten Halogen Lamps (Bulbs)
Tungsten Halogen Lamps (Bulbs)
Mobile Kits
Follow Focus Systems & Accessories - Everything you need for accurate focus pulling!
Follow Focus Systems & Accessories
Dedicated and Universal Clamps, Brackets and Articulated Ball-Mounts for Viewfinders, Monitors, DVRs and other camera accessories
Accessory Clamps & Brackets
Camera Support Rig Handles - Modular handles for use withrod based support rigs
Handles & Hand Grips
Rig Accessory Plates
Shoulder Mount Supports
Lens Support Brackets - These are use in conjunction with rails systems to provide additional support for large lenses, reducing stress on the camera's lens mount
Lens Support Brackets
Threaded Adapters
Articulated Support Arms from a variety of manfacturers including CineDesign, Noga, RedrockMicro, Tilta & Zacuto
Articulated Support Arms
Microphone Mounting Brackets - Mount additional microphones and / or wireless radio microphone receivers on your camera
Microphone Mounting Brackets
Camera Rain Covers

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