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Blackmagic Cinema Camera PL

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Blackmagic Design 2.5K Cinema Camera PL Mount - Body Only (BMD-CINECAM26KPL)

Price Pledge

Price Pledge ensures we won't be beaten on price! We actively monitor the prices offered by our competitors daily and adjust our own pricing accordingly.

blackmagic_cinema_camera-pl-mount / BMD-CINECAM26KPL

Price Pledge

Price Pledge ensures we won't be beaten on price! We actively monitor the prices offered by our competitors daily and adjust our own pricing accordingly.

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Product Details

Introducing the world’s smallest digital film cameras with an incredibly strong design. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras feature wide dynamic range for shooting true digital film combined with precision PL, EF and MFT mount optics and high quality RAW and ProRes file recording. The built in touchscreen lets you monitor, change settings, display audio and exposure metering and enter metadata directly on the camera! You can choose from models with two different types of cinematic image sensors and three different types of lens mounts such as PL, EF or MFT, depending on your needs.
Shoot Digital Film!
The reason the latest and most amazing television commercials, music videos and feature films look so good is because they’ve been shot with a digital film camera and then colour corrected using DaVinci Resolve. Video cameras, even high end broadcast video cameras, always just look like sharper home movies...
Camera Type: Large Sensor
Form Factor: Studio Camera
HDMI Output: No
Lens/Mount: PL Mount
Maximum Video Resolution (recorded): 2432x1366
Recording Media: SSD
SDI Output: Yes
Sensor Size: 15.81mm x 8.8mm
Type: Cine
Variable Frame Rate: No
Video Resolution: 2.5K
XLR Audio Input:
Included in box
  • 1x Blackmagic Cinema Camera PL
  • 1x Sun Shield
  • 1x Camera Strap
  • 1x Turret Dust Cap
  • 1x 12V AC Adapter

About the Blackmagic Cinema Camera PL

Introducing the world’s smallest digital film cameras with an incredibly strong design. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras feature wide dynamic range for shooting true digital film combined with precision PL, EF and MFT mount optics and high quality RAW and ProRes file recording. The built in touchscreen lets you monitor, change settings, display audio and exposure metering and enter metadata directly on the camera! You can choose from models with two different types of cinematic image sensors and three different types of lens mounts such as PL, EF or MFT, depending on your needs.

Shoot Digital Film!
The reason the latest and most amazing television commercials, music videos and feature films look so good is because they’ve been shot with a digital film camera and then colour corrected using DaVinci Resolve. Video cameras, even high end broadcast video cameras, always just look like sharper home movies because they’re limited to a regular video sensor. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras are true wide dynamic range digital film cameras designed to shoot with cinematic quality. Imagine adding the style and quality of digital film to your latest TV commercial, feature film, music video or even documentary, weddings or corporate videos!

Super 35mm Size Sensor
If you need higher resolution, global shutter and a more creative depth of field then the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K models feature a large Super 35 size sensor and professional PL or EF lens mounts, so is the perfect choice. You get incredible Ultra HD images with 12 stops of dynamic range for feature film quality shooting. The minimal crop factor lets you shoot with super wide angle lenses so you get images that are big and beautiful, plus have the dynamic range to capture highlight and shadow details far beyond that of any traditional video camera.

Use PL, EF or MFT Lenses
You can choose between models with PL, EF or MFT lens mounts so you can use the world’s best and most technically sophisticated lenses. The PL models allow you to use, or even rent, professional cinema lenses from companies such as Panavision™, ARRI™ or Zeiss™. You can even use vintage PL cinema lenses when you’re shooting period work where you want to recreate the look of that time by using the actual lens they used back in those days! The EF models let you use high resolution Canon™ photographic lenses for amazing quality, while the passive MFT model allows super small lenses and the flexibility to adapt to other lens mounts.

Wide Dynamic Range
Video cameras clip highlights and shadows giving you images that look like video. Some cameras use multiple exposures or “HDR mode” to simulate wide dynamic range but that doesn’t work well with motion video where you have movement. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras shoot each frame with wide dynamic range so you get brighter highlights without clipping and rich detail and shadows. The ultra wide dynamic range 2.5K sensor has so much range that you can even shoot indoors with correct exposure and still get full detail through windows outside! This is the secret that allows feature film imagery when colour grading with DaVinci Resolve.

Super Small, Super Tough!
The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras have been precision engineered from machined metal and miniaturized using the latest advanced electronics to deliver a rugged digital film camera that has the strength to be rigged even when supporting a heavy PL mount lens. Unlike most cameras that use plastic, the machined metal design of the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras can be hand held, rigged on cranes, used on Steadicam™ and more. The super small design still includes an SSD recorder capable of recording RAW, touchscreen LCD, internal active cooling for the cinematic sensor and standard SDI, audio and Thunderbolt™ connections.

High Resolution
With the choice of two high resolution sensors, at 2.5K ultra wide dynamic range or 4K wide dynamic range, you get enough resolution to reframe shots, eliminate bayer loss for full resolution colour and to shoot in native Ultra HD. With the latest incredibly large screen TV’s available to consumers the demand for Ultra HD content has never been greater. The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K model is the perfect choice for Ultra HD production and you can shoot native RAW to get every single bit of data direct from the sensor or you can shoot in ProRes for high quality video files that are as easy to use as HD files. That means you can shoot in Ultra HD with the same workflow as HD.

Direct Metadata Entry
The built in high resolution 5” LCD touchscreen can be used for entering metadata directly into the camera by simply typing on the soft keyboard, so it’s as easy to use as any smartphone. Shot number can automatically increment, so you don’t have to enter it for each shot! Entering metadata directly into the camera means every time you record the shot information is recorded into the media file so editing software such as DaVinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro X can quickly identify and locate the shot you need when you are in post production saving editing time and eliminating manual logging.

Super Fast SSD
Most professional digital film cameras use proprietary media only available from the manufacturer which increases the cost of using the camera. The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras eliminate this “usage tax” by using off the shelf computer solid state disks, or SSDs, so you can buy high performance storage media at much lower cost as well as getting higher speeds and capacity by taking advantage of the latest generation SSDs the moment they are available. SSDs can be mounted on your Mac or Windows machine using adapter cables or a Blackmagic MultiDock and because the speeds are so high you can edit directly off the SSD without time wasting file copying.

Open Standard File Formats
Blackmagic Cinema Cameras record directly to files that are compatible with all major post applications. That means there’s no time wasted converting files before you start editing and colour correction in post production. Blackmagic Cinema Cameras record ProRes so are very easy to use and even high resolution 4K ProRes files will play back from laptop computers. When recording RAW, files are still open format and use the open standard CinemaDNG RAW format so you get all the data off the sensor stored in a file that’s compatible with many software applications as well as the included DaVinci Resolve editing and colour correction software.

Industry Standard Connections
When you’re on-set the last thing you need is to hold up dozens of very expensive people while you look around for a custom camera cable! The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras use standard connectors so you can simply use regular video, audio and power cables plus you save money because you don’t need to purchase custom accessories. You get 3G-SDI or 6G-SDI on the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K model for monitoring, ¼” mic/line audio inputs and a Thunderbolt™ connection for live streaming from the camera and scopes when using the included UltraScope software. When you want external camera and lens control a LANC port is included.

Use Your Favourite Software
The files you record on Blackmagic Cinema Cameras are compatible with virtually every video software tool available on every computer platform available. Simply plug the SSD into your computer and drop the files straight into the software you want to use. Now you can use powerful editing, colour correction, visual effects, audio post production tools such as DaVinci Resolve, Fusion, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro, ProTools and many more!

DaVinci Resolve Included!
Every Blackmagic Cinema Camera includes a full copy of DaVinci Resolve Studio so you can immediately begin editing and colour grading the RAW files without purchasing any additional software. That means you get a complete solution for managing and backing up your media, editing, colour correction and authoring final video and film master files for distribution. The full copy of DaVinci Resolve included with the camera includes support for multi user timelines, temporal noise reduction, 3D tools and much more.

Camera Features
Sensor Resolution2592 x 2192
Raw Resolution12-bit RAW files recorded at 2432 x 1366
Shooting Resolutions2.5K RAW at 2432 x 1366, compressed at 1920 x 1080
Frame Rates23.98p, 24p, 25p, 29.97p, 30p
Sensor Size16.64 mm x 14.04 mm
Sensor Size - Active 15.6 mm x 8.8 mm
Dynamic Range13 stops
FocusFocus button turns on peaking
Iris ControlIris button automatically adjusts the lens iris settings so no pixel is clipped
Lens MountEF and ZE mount compatible with electronic iris control
Screen Dimensions5 inch and 800 x 480 resolution
Screen TypeIntegrated LCD capacitive touchscreen
Metadata SupportAutomatic camera data and user data such as shot number, filenames and keywords
ControlsOnscreen touch menus and physical buttons for recording and transport control
MicrophoneIntegrated mono microphone
SpeakerIntegrated mono speaker
Mounting Options3 x 1/4 inch thread mounting points on top of camera.
1 x 1/4 inch thread tripod mount with locator pin.
PowerIntegrated Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery.
12V-30V DC port for external battery power or use included 12V AC adapter.
Battery LifeApproximately 90 minutes
Battery Charge Time Approximately 2 hours when not in use.
Camera Dimensions166.2mm by 113.51mm x 126.49mm excluding detachable sunshade and turret dust cap
Camera Weight1.7 kg / 3.75 lb
Storage Features
Storage TypeRemovable 2.5 inch SSD
Storage FormatMac OS Extended format. SSDs can be formatted on any Mac or use Mediafour MacDrive (not included) on a Windows PC.
Storage Rates5 MB/frame in RAW 2.5K fits about 30 minutes of 24p video on a 256 GB solid state disk. Compressed HD formats fit more than 5 times the amount of RAW video.
Uncompressed Recording FormatsRAW 2.5K CinemaDNG
Compressed Recording FormatsApple ProRes and Avid DNxHD. All compressed recording in 1920x1080 10-bit YUV with choice of Film or Video Dynamic Range.
SDI Video Output1 x 10-bit HD-SDI 4:2:2 with choice of Film or Video Dynamic Range
Analog Audio Input2 x 1/4 inch jacks for professional balanced analog audio, switchable between mic and line levels.
Analog Audio Output1 x 3.5mm stereo headphone output
SDI Audio Output4 channels in HD-SDI
Remote Control1 x 2.5mm LANC for Rec Start/Stop, Iris Control and Focus Control
Computer InterfaceThunderbolt port for capture of RAW video and audio.
USB 2.0 mini B port for software updates and configuration.
External Power12V-30V DC port for external battery power or use included 12V AC adapter.
SDI ComplianceSMPTE 292M.
SDI Audio Sampling48 kHz and 24 bit.
Software IncludedDaVinci Resolve grading software including Resolve
USB dongle for Mac OS X and Windows.
Media Express software for video capture from the camera’s
Thunderbolt port.
Blackmagic UltraScope software for waveform monitoring from the
camera’s Thunderbolt port.
AccessoriesDetachable sun shield, camera strap, turret dust cap and
12V AC adapter.
Product Warranty12 Month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.
Optional Accessories
Camera HandlesBlackmagic Cinema Camera Handles

The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras features an innovative design that’s won every global design award! The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras have become the solution to shooting in constrained space, dangerous and intimate locations where a traditional digital film camera just won’t allow. Machined from a solid block of aluminum for incredible strength, you get a truly professional camera that’s up to serious feature film use. You still get extremely advanced features that not even much larger cameras offer, such as built in RAW and ProRes recording in 4K, histogram exposure meter, direct metadata entry via touchscreen, 6G-SDI and much more!

Choose Your Lens Mount
With two different sensor types and 3 different types of lens mount, you get a customized camera that’s perfectly suited to the work you do. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera body was designed to allow for manufacturing with small MFT type lens mounts, larger EF Canon type lens mounts as well as professional cinema PL mounts. With an all metal design that’s super strong, the camera allows even a very large and heavy PL mount lens to be attached and supported by the camera. The PL lens mount also allows shimming by the user, so you can put the camera and lens on a collimator and optically match the lens to the camera body perfectly.

Touchscreen Display
The heart of the design is the built in 5 inch touchscreen that’s as easy to use as typing on your smartphone! You can frame shots, view histogram and audio meters on the heads up display as well as change camera settings and enter metadata all on the built in screen. You can also control other camera features via the touchscreen such as double tapping the screen to zoom into the image for easy focus, and swiping up and down controls for the “heads up display” that shows histogram, time remaining and audio level meters so you can get perfect exposure and audio levels! The status strip displays transport status, shutter, aperture, ISO, battery and more!

Loads of Connections
With all connections conveniently located on one side under a protective rubber hood, you get resistance to dirt, sand and grime getting into the connections. You get a standard BNC connection for location monitoring and you can select to include overlays so your crew can monitor camera settings. Also included are ¼” audio inputs for mic/line level recording, a 3.5mm headphone jack, LANC control port and a Thunderbolt port for technical monitoring using a local computer and the included UltraScope software for Mac and Windows. You can also use Thunderbolt for live camera feeds into DaVinci Resolve for live grading!

Built In SSD Recorder
The built in SSD recorder works with standard 2.5” solid state disks that are affordable, high performance and available from most computer stores! Both models support CinemaDNG RAW and ProRes, which lets you record over 5 hours of HD on a single 480GB drive! The Cinema Camera 2.5K also supports recording HD video to DNxHD files! When finished, simply connect the SSD to your Mac or PC and instantly begin editing or colour grading without copying or converting the files!

DC Power
The built in rechargeable battery can record for up to 90 minutes and makes the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras truly portable! You also get a standard 12 - 30V power connector so that you can add external professional battery packs such as V-Lock or any other DC power pack. That means you’ll be able to shoot longer and recharge the internal battery at the same time!

Custom Rigs
The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras work with a wide variety of professional camera accessories. That means you can build a custom rig for any shooting situation! The top of the camera has three ¼” thread mounting points for easily adding ambient and directional microphones, shoe mounts, EVFs, cages and more! The thread mount located on the bottom of the camera lets you secure the camera to tripods, attach handles, stabilizing systems, rails and even quad-copter drones!

Feature Films
When you’re shooting feature films for high resolution projection it is important to start out with the highest possible image quality. The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K model shoots at Ultra HD resolution so you get images that start with 4 times the pixels of 1080HD. You also get files with 12 stops of dynamic range so that the creative look and style of your film can be completed using DaVinci Resolve, which is included with the camera and is used on more feature films than any other product! The Super 35 sensor provides a beautiful cinematic depth of field so you can take advantage of the full frame of the world’s best cine lenses.

Television Commercials
The world’s leading advertising agencies and leading global brands demand the absolute perfection of a cinematic look for their products and services. The cinematic look of the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K will make products look better than anything in the world and create a fantastic perception in the eye of the customer. From high end car commercials to the latest fashion brands, now you can shoot with true digital film and capture textures and subtlety that, when colour corrected with DaVinci Resolve will result in the customer’s emotional connection to the product!

Independent Films
Now Indie films don’t need to look like video just because you can’t afford to rent a traditional digital film camera. Everybody knows when you’re doing independent film you’re often working by yourself or with a minimal crew. The small size of the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras lets you take your entire production rig with you wherever you need to go. A small rig is vital when you are trying to shoot in public locations that you just cannot get the approval to shoot in. With a small rig you can sneak into locations and quickly steal the shot! Even though the camera is small, you can still use professional PL mount cine lenses for a true film quality shoot!

If you’re a documentary filmmaker you need a camera that can go wherever the story takes you. You also want to be nimble, move quickly, be inconspicuous and of course never miss a shot! The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras are extremely rugged so will withstand the rigors of extremely tough locations. Because the Cinema Cameras are so light, that means you are free to carry additional lenses or other equipment to help you capture amazing footage at a moment’s notice!

Visual Effects
Working with high resolution wide dynamic range shots from cameras is critical for visual effects. That means you’ll be able to pull great keys and preserve every magical detail as you build effects shots! The camera’s RAW Cinema DNG files retain all the sensor data so you get higher colour bandwidth into the processing, and higher colour detail is what the keyers use to make multi layer compositions look so seamless. Imagine the incredible keying you can get even with fine detail such as hair, smoke and more

Music Videos
Music and youth culture is in a very visual age so an innovative and highly creative music video can make or break an artist or a band’s career. The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras allow you to shoot even up and coming little known bands with the same professional high end results as the biggest artists in the world. Now you’ll never need to hire a camera for a music video shoot because you can afford to own one! That means you can capture and use more background footage of the artists than ever before possible so you don’t just create a music video but you can also cover and publish the artists’ behind the scenes life.

Corporate Videos
With its compact, self contained design, the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras are quick and easy to setup and use for covering conferences and meetings. Now you can record important presentations and speeches in a professional format that can be edited and then delivered to customers, sales people, or investors anywhere. Use multiple cameras to capture the speaker from different angles and zoom in on close ups of the audience. Shooting your conferences with more than a single camera will transform even the simplest presentations into a broadcast quality event

Wedding photography benefits from having some of the most beautiful locations such as old buildings, parks and churches. Shooting in these locations with digital film creates a timeless look with much greater control over creativity and the emotion of the event. You can use more cameras to get additional angles so you can create incredibly refined finished work that will pleasantly surprise your clients. With the choice of three different types of lens mount, you can choose from a wide array of lenses to get the feel you’re looking for and to have more creative flexibility.


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