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  • Product Photography - Light Revolution System with Patrick Llewelyn-Davies

Product Photography - Light Revolution System with Patrick Llewelyn-Davies


Date Location Seats
Wed 17th Oct 2018 10:30 - 12:30 CVP Fitzrovia W1T 1AR Finished
Wed 17th Oct 2018 12:30 - 14:30 CVP Fitzrovia W1T 1PN Finished
Wed 17th Oct 2018 14:30 - 16:30 CVP Fitzrovia W1T 1PN Finished

Are you a DoP? A creative stills photographer? An animator? Or have an interest in creative lighting techniques? Then why not come and drop by our Central London office on the 19th October and have a chat, some hands on time and a tea or coffee with Patrick and our CVP team. Whether it's for 10 minutes of your time or a few hours, we would love to see you. 


The Light Revolution system is a revolutionary new concept in lighting for the film and photographic industries and as a bonus it can also be used as a camera platform. 

The system enables a multitude of lighting effects to be created quickly and easily using the attached Kino Flo and Dedo units, some of these lighting styles are unique and could not be created with conventional lighting.


When shooting stills, multiple different looks from a simple cut out to a creative hero shot can be created very quickly and easily in a few minutes. This is without moving the subject from the set, along with potentially 360 video and stills of the object.

For those shooting moving images the system can be used both as a moving camera platform and also to create wow lighting effects,

Animators could use the system to bring the unique glowing lighting effects that Light Revolution creates to life.

Come along and get a hands on experience with this creative lighting tool as it’s only once you start to use the system that you can really appreciate the advantages over conventional lighting.


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