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> Sony PMW-200 camcorder

Sony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX 1/2inch CMOS camcorder with 50Mb/s recording

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Sony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX 1/2inch CMOS camcorder with 50Mb/s recording £4,345.00 + VAT £5,214.00 inc VAT

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Sony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX camcorder with 50Mb/s recording
Sony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX camcorder with 50Mb/s recordingSony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX camcorder with 50Mb/s recordingSony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX camcorder with 50Mb/s recordingSony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX camcorder with 50Mb/s recording

Sony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX camcorder with 50Mb/s recording

The PMW-200 is Sony's successor to the hugely popular PMW-EX1 Camcorder.

It is the first handheld camera in its class to be equipped with 3 x 1/2-inch Exmor CMOS sensors for excellent sensitivity and enhanced depth of field characteristics.

The camcorder can record in Full HD 422 at 50 Mb/s, delivering exceptional performance, operational versatility and workflow efficiency. Its high-quality MPEG HD422 50 Mbps recording is fully compliant with the latest EBU recommendations for long-form broadcast production and is widely accepted in broadcasting stations and production houses. This capability ensures the camcorder is ideal for a wide range of different applications, including news gathering and documentary production.

It is supplied with a HD grade 14x Fujinon zoom lens which incorporates 3 independent control rings with end stops for focus, zoom and iris.

The camcorder can also record in a range of different formats as well as being compatible with other XDCAM HD 422 and XDCAM EX equipment.

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Excellent, quick and friendly service!... - Feefo - Wednesday 9th April 2014 - 5 Stars
Excellent, quick and friendly service!
I love it - Nikolay Kostov - Tuesday 4th March 2014 - 5 Stars
It is beauty.I use it for weddings, documentary and events.Rain doesn't stop it.Great in low light.I like focusing and iris rings - like big broadcast camcorders.One disapointing - it's heavy to handle. After one year of using the grip broke and camera fell to the ground. I have luck that it was sand.The REC button is hard to push.50mbs,6 picture profile - great. I still thinging it's the best for wide range of using.
Ease of Use:

The PMW-200/100 is a highly compact and high-performance XDCAM camcorder that uses SxS memory cards as recording media. The imaging device used in the PMW-200 camcorder is a 1/2-inch triple-chip type "Exmor" CMOS sensor, and the PMW-100 camcorder uses a 1/2.9-inch single-chip type "Exmor" CMOS sensor. Both have an effective pixel count of 1920 × 1080. Either the UDF or FAT file system can be used with recording media.

Multiple-format support

Both Interlace at 1080/59.94i (or 1080/50i) and Progressive at 1080/29.97P, 1080/23.98P, 720/59.94P, 720/29.97P, and 720/23.98P (or 1080/25P, 720/50P, and 720/25P) are supported, providing various HD recording formats for worldwide coverage.NTSC/PAL SD formats are also possible, including SD signal recording and playback in DVCAM format, as well as down-conversion output of HD signals into SD signals.

Three 1/2-inch type ExmorCMOS Full HD sensors for a wide range of shooting conditions

It is the first handheld camera in its class to be equipped with three large, newly developed 1/2-inch Exmor CMOS sensors, which provide excellent sensitivity and depth of field characteristics. Each of the sensors has an effective pixel count of two million pixels and achieves Full HD 1920x 1080 shooting without pixel interpolation. By placing multiple A/D converters in parallel, it has also been possible to reduce the speed of the operating clock and lower power consumption.

A new generation HD recording system

HD recording using the "MPEG-2 Long GOP" codec and SD recording in DVCAM format The PMW-200/100 records 1920 × 1080, 1440 × 1080, and 1280 × 720 HD images using "MPEG-2 Long GOP" codec compression. When recording with UDF, settings of 50 Mbps (in HD422 mode) or 35 Mbps (in HQ mode) are supported. With FAT, settings of 35 Mbps (in HQ mode) or 25 Mbps (in SP mode) are supported. When using UDF with a 64 GB SxS memory card, efficient compression methods allow for recording approximately 120 minutes of HD images at 50 Mbps (in HD422 mode), and approximately 180 minutes of HD images at 35 Mbps (in HQ mode). Furthermore, the PMW-200/100 supports recording and playback in DVCAM 25 Mbps format, as well as playback in MPEG IMX 50 Mbps format.

14x Fujinon professional HD zoom Lens with three independent rings with end stops  

The 14x Fujinon high quality lens has auto focus and image stabilising functions, with an exceptionally flexible control system, which gives the operator the ability to operate the focus manually.The independent control of each ring of the lens –focus, zoom and iris – makes for better and faster adjustment. It also makes the system more accurate when setting because of the ‘stop’ function of each of the rings.

High-quality uncompressed audio recording

When in UDF HD422 mode, this camcorder can record 4-channel audio in 24-bit, 48 kHz linear PCM format. Recording of 4-channel audio in 16-bit, 48 kHz linear PCM format for FAT HD Mode is possible.

Optical SteadyShot and LCD panel for focus assist functions

Optical SteadyShot is activated by the electric lens shift mechanism. The camcorder’s 3.5-type LCD panel also helps the precise manual focus operation.The central part of the shooting frame (854 x480) can be magnified on the LCD panel and the viewfinder. The function is automatically cancelled five seconds after the focus ring is no longer in use.You can also select the peaking level in the menu and also choose the colour for the peaking signal on the LCD and viewfinder.

Support for a file-based workflow

File-based recording in MXF and MP4 formats allows material to be handled with great flexibility in computer work environments, enabling easy copying, transferring, sharing, and archiving.

High quality MPEG HD 422 recordings

The camcorder supports MPEG HD 422 50 Mbps in MXF, which is widely accepted by major broadcasters worldwide. HD 422 gives a high quality image with more detailed colour reproduction, as well as being ideal for chromakeying. It’s also compatible with other XDCAM HD 422 camcorders, including the PMW-500 and the PMW-100, which streamlines workflow and reduces time in the edit.

Switchable recordingsfor greater flexibility

As well as shooting at HD 422 50 Mbps, the camcorderalso supports MPEG HD 420 in MP4 file format, which is compatible with XDCAM EX camcorders and DVCAM at 25 Mbps.The file format is also selectable between MP4 (FAT) or MXF(UDF) in HD and AVI (FAT) or MXF (UDF) in SD.

Instant-access thumbnail display with "Expand" function

Each time a recording is started and stopped, the video and audio signals are recorded as one clip. Furthermore, thumbnails are automatically generated for each clip as a visual reference,  allowing the operator to cue-up to a desired scene simply by guiding the cursor to a thumbnail. For further convenience, the ‘Expand’ function allows one selected clip in the Thumbnail display to be divided into 12 equal time intervals, each with its own thumbnail identifier. This is useful if you wish to quickly search for a particular scene within a lengthy clip.

Versatile focus-assistance functions

The lens has a versatile functions for easy and precise focus adjustments.

  • One-push Auto Focus
  • MF Assist
  • Expanded Focus
  • Peaking

WiFi remote control*

Apple iPads or Android mobile devices can be used as simple remote controllers. By attaching the optional CBK-WA01 WiFi adaptor, the remote can control zoom, focus, iris and white balance as well as the recording functions such as recording trigger. * Available with firmware upgrade planned for release in November 2012.

Slow & Quick Motion function

By using different settings for the recording framerate and playback framerate, you can perform high-quality slow-motion and quick-motion recording.

Continuous recordings for easier ingest

Multiple clips can be recorded as a single clip making the ingest operation to a NLE easy.

Slow and quick motion from 1 fps to 60 fps

Slow motion shooting is possible with up to 60 frames per second (fps) recording in 720P or 30 fps recording in 1080P, when used with the SxS Pro or SxS-1 memory card.Quick motion can be obtained by slowing the frame rate down to 1 fps.

Slow Shutter function

This camcorder enables the capturing of clear, low-noise images in low-light environments, with long exposure of up to 64 frames.

Cache recording

Utilising a 15 second cache recording function, the camcorder can help prevent the loss of important scenes or events that occur up to 15 seconds before the camera's REC start button is pressed.

Two SxS Memory Card slots

There are two SxS Memory Card slots, which allows for around four hours of continuous recording, with two hours of HD 422 50 Mbps recorded on each 64GB SxS Memory Card. Content can be copied between the two slots.The camcorder can use either SxS Pro or SxS-1 cards. It will also accept consumer recording media, including memory stick, SD card and XDQ card with an appropriate adaptor for emergency use.

Selectable gamma curves

Gamma curves can be selected based on the scenes being recorded.

Interval Recording function

You can perform intermittent recording at pre-determined intervals. This is convenient for shortening the time it takes to track variations over long periods, such as changes in the weatheror plant growth.

Multi-camera operation

The camcorder has a genlockIn and timecode In /Out interface so that it can link together with other cameras. The function makes the camcorder a cost effective alternative for use in multi camera event shoots.

Planning metadata automatically recorded

By loading a pre-recorded Planning Metadata file (XML file) to the camcorder, either from anSxS memory card or a USB memory, the metadata is automatically generated and recorded as described in the XML file while recording. Also the filename of a clip is automatically set as described in the XML file.

Frame Recording function

Frame Recording is a unique feature of the camcorder that is especially useful for clay-animation shooting. With this function, images for pre-determined frame are recorded each time the record button is pressed.

Shutter-angle settings

In addition to the electric shutter speed controls, the camcorder also has a "shutter angle" control, which is familiar to cinematographers.

Picture Profile feature

The Picture Profile feature allows the camera operator to easily call up customized picture-tonal settings to suit particular shooting conditions.
Up to 6 groups of settings can be set.

Picture Cache Recording function

The unit can utilize its internal memory to store the image being captured, allowing recording to commence up to 15 seconds in advance of when the REC START (recording start) button was pressed.

MassApprox 2.3 kg (body)
Approx. 5 lb 1.1 oz (body)
Approx. 2.7 kg (with lens hood, eyecup, BP-U30 battery, a SxS memory card)
Approx. 5 lb 15 oz (with lens hood, eye piece, BP-U30 battery, a SxS memory card)
Dimensions (W x H x D) *1172 x 164 x 317 mm (without protrusions)
6 7/8 x 6 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches (without protrusions)
Power RequirementsDC 12 V
Power ConsumptionApprox. 12 W (while recording, EVF On, LCD monitor Off, IO Select Off)
Approx. 14 W (while recording, EVF On, LCD monitor On, IO Select HD SDI & HD HDMI)
Operating Temperature0C to 40C
32F to 104F
Storage Temperature-20C to +60C
-4F to +140F
Battery Operating Time Approx. 2 hrs with BP-U30 battery
(while recording, EVF On, LCD monitor Off, I/O Select Off)
Approx. 4 hrs with BP-U60 battery
(while recording, EVF On, LCD monitor Off, I/O Select Off)
Approx. 6 hrs with BP-U90 battery
(while recording, EVF On, LCD monitor Off, I/O Select Off)
Recording Format (Video)UDF
- HD422 mode: CBR, maximum bit rate: 50 Mbps, MPEG-2 422P@HL
- HD420 mode: VBR, 35 Mbps, MPEG-2 MP@HL
- HQ 1920 mode: VBR, 35 Mbps, MPEG-2 MP@HL
- HQ 1440 mode: VBR, 35 Mbps, MPEG-2 MP@HL
- HQ 1280 mode: VBR, 35 Mbps, MPEG-2 MP@HL
- SP 1440 mode: CBR, 25 Mbps, MPEG-2 MP@H-14
Recording Format (Audio)UDF
- HD422 mode: LPCM 24 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels
- Other mode: LPCM 16 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels
- HD mode: LPCM 16 bits, 48 kHz, 4 channels
- SD mode: LPCM 16 bits, 48 kHz, 2 channels
Recording Frame RateUDF
HD422 Mode: MPEG-2 422P@HL, 50Mbps/ CBR
- 1920x1080/ 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p
- 1280x720/ 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p
HD420 Mode: MPEG-2 MP@HL, 35Mbps/ VBR
- 1440x1080/ 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p
- 1280x720/ 59.94p, 50p, 23.98p
- 720x486/ 59.94i, 29.97PsF
- 720x576/ 50i, 25PsF
HQ 1920 Mode: MPEG-2 MP@HL, 35Mbps/ VBR
- 1920x1080/ 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p
HQ 1440 Mode: MPEG-2 MP@HL, 35Mbps/ VBR
- 1440x1080/ 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p
HQ 1280 Mode: MPEG-2 MP@HL, 35Mbps/ VBR
- 1280x720/ 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p
SP 1440 Mode: MPEG-2 MP@H-14, 25Mbps/ CBR
- 1440x1080/ 59.94i, 50i, 23.98p (2-3 pull down)
- 720x480/ 59.94i, 29.97PsF
- 720x576/ 50i, 25PsF
HD 422 mode: Approx. 120 min with SBP-64/ SBS-64G1A (64 GB) memory card
Approx. 60 min with SBP-32/ SBS-32G1A (32 GB) memory card
Approx. 30 min with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card
HD 420 mode: Approx. 180 min with SBP-64/ SBS-64G1A (64 GB) memory card
Approx. 90 min with SBP-32/ SBS-32G1A (32 GB) memory card
Approx. 45 min with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card
DVCAM mode: Approx. 220 min with SBP-64/ SBS-64G1A (64 GB) memory card
Approx. 110 min with SBP-32/ SBS-32G1A (32 GB) memory card
Approx. 55 min with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card
HQ 1920/HQ 1440 mode/HQ 1280 mode: Approx. 200 min with SBP-64/ SBS-64G1A (64 GB) memory card
Approx. 100 min with SBP-32/ SBS-32G1A (32 GB) memory card
Approx. 50 min with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card
SP 1440 Mode: Approx. 280 min with SBP-64/ SBS-64G1A (64 GB) memory card
Approx. 140 min with SBP-32/ SBS-32G1A (32 GB) memory card
Approx. 70 min with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card
DVCAM mode Approx. 260 min with SBP-64/ SBS-64G1A (64 GB) memory card
Approx. 130 min with SBP-32/ SBS-32G1A (32 GB) memory card
Approx. 65 min with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card
Lens MountFixed
Zoom Ratio14x (optical), servo/manual
Focal Lengthf = 5.8 - 81.2 mm (equivalent to 31.4-439 mm on 35 mm lens)
IrisF1.9 - F16 auto/manual selectable
FocusAF/MF/Full MF selectable,
800 mm to ∞ (MACRO OFF),
50 mm to ∞ (MACRO ON, Wide),
735 mm to ∞ (MACRO ON, Tele)
Image StabilizerON/OFF selectable, shift lens
Filter DiameterM77 mm, pitch 0.75mm
Camera Section
Imaging Device (Type)3-chip 1/2-inch type "Exmor" Full HD CMOS
Effective Picture Elements1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
Optical SystemF1.6 prism system
Built-in Optical FiltersOFF: Clear, 1: 1/8ND, 2: 1/64ND
Sensitivity (2000 lx, 89.9% reflectance)F11 (typical) (1920 x 1080/59.94i mode)
Minimum Illumination0.12 lx (typical) (1920 x 1080/59.94i mode, F1.9, +18 dB gain, with 64-frame accumulation, Gamma off, 100% video level)
0.02 lx (typical) (1920 x 1080/59.94i mode, F1.9, +18 dB gain, with 64-frame accumulation, Gamma on, 50% video level)
S/N Ratio56 dB (Y) (typical)
Horizontal Rezolution1,000 TV lines or more (1920 x 1080i mode)
Shutter Speed1/32 sec to 1/2,000 sec
Slow Shutter (SLS)2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 16, 32, and 64-frame accumulation
Slow & Quick Motion Function720p: Frame rate selectable from 1 fps to 60 fps (from 1 fps to 50 fps in PAL area setting in UDF mode)
1080p: Frame rate selectable from 1 fps to 30 fps (from 1 fps to 25 fps in PAL area setting in UDF mode)
White BalancePreset (3200K), Memory A, Memory B/ATW
Gain-3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 dB, AGC
Gamma CurveSelectable
Input/OutputAudio Input
Audio InputXLR-type 3-pin (female) (x2), line/mic/mic +48 V selectable
Line: +4dBu
Mic: -70dBu--30dBu
Composite OutputAV multi connector, NTSC or PAL
Video OutputBNC (x1), HD-Y/Composite
1.0Vp-p, 75ohmns
(switchable to Genlock in)
Audio OutputA/V multi connector
-10dBu (Reference Level), 47kohmns
SDI OutputBNC (x1), HD/SD selectable
SMPTE 292M/259M standards
i.LINK IEEE 1394, 4-pin (x1), HDV (HDV 1080i) / DV input/output, S400
Timecode Input BNC (x1) (switchable to TC out)
SMPTE 12M-2-2008 standard
0.5V-1.8Vp-p, 10kohmns
Timecode OutputBNC (x1) (switchable to TC in)
SMPTE 12M-2-2008 standard
1.0Vp-p, 10kohmns
Genlock InputBNC (x1) (switchable to Video out)
1.0 Vp-p, 75ohmns
USBUSB device, mini-B (x1)
Headphone OutputStereo mini jack (x1)
-18dBu 16ohmns
Speaker OutputMonaural, 250mW
DC InputDC jack
Lens Remote8-pin, round
HDMI OutputType A (x1)
Viewfinder0.45-inch type color LCD:
852 (H) x 480 (V), 16:9
Built-in LCD Monitor3.5-inch type color LCD monitor: 852 (H) x 3 (RGB) x 480 (V), 16:9
Built-in Microphone
Built-in MicrophoneOmni - directional stereo electret condenser microphone.
TypeExpress Card/34 slot (x2)
Supplied AccessoriesLens hood (1),
Pre-installed to the Camcorder
Infrared Remote Commander (1)
EVF eyecup (1)
USB cable (1)
AV connecting cable (1)
BP-U30 battery pack (1)
BC-U1 battery charger (1)
Shoulder strap (1)
Wi-Fi Adaptor Bracket (1)
Microphone Cable Holder (1)
Screw for mounting microphone cable holder (1)
Lithium battery (CR2032 for data backup) (1),
Pre-installed to the Camcorder
Lithium battery (CR2025 for the IR Remote Commander) (1),
Pre-installed to the IR Remote Commander
CD-ROM: Utility software (1)
Operating instructions in PDF (1)
Operating instructions (1)

Supplied Accessories

  • Lens hood
  • Lens cap
  • Infrared remote commander
  • USB cable
  • A/V connecting cable
  • Shoulder strap
  • BP-U30 battery pack
  • CD-ROM (x2)
  • Operating instructions
  • BC-U1 battery charger
  • Wi-Fi Adaptor Bracket
  • CD-ROM (x2)
  • Operating instructions
  • Photolease
    Photolease Leasing
    Price of Item £4345.00
    Deposit £0
    Term 24
    Monthly Payment £
    First Payment* £
    Setup Fee £50
    Total Finance Amount £
    91.12 48.53 34.42 27.49


    Photolease is an independent finance company who have specialised in leasing equipment to the imaging industry for over twenty five years.


    1. Banking facilities left available for special projects and unforeseen expenses.
    2. Small initial outlay usually amounting to just one months rental.
    3. Payment can be spread over a period of one to four years dependent upon value and type of equipment.
    4. A single payment at the end of the lease guarantees retention of the asset for the remainder of its working life.
    5. If you want to sell the equipment after the lease has ended you will receive the sale proceeds.
    6. Rentals are fully tax deductible.
    7. Cash flow is protected and the asset earns revenue in payment of the lease.
    8. No need to be VAT registered.



    What happens at the end of the lease?

    We will extend the agreement indefinitely on payment of a single further monthly rental. After that you can keep the equipment and will never have to pay any more.

    Isn't leasing just for companies who can't afford the cash?
    No. Companies who lease do so because they know that there are better uses for their spare funds.

    Is leasing only relevant for large acquisitions?
    No. Transactions of all sizes are completed using lease agreements. You can lease equipment worth as little as £1000.

    Do I have to insure the equipment?
    Yes. It is your responsibility to keep the equipment insured for all risks for the term of the agreement.

    What happens if the equipment becomes faulty?
    You have the protection of the manufacturers and/or suppliers warranty. Responsibility for repairs out of warranty are yours.

    What about VAT?
    Rentals attract VAT. This can be reclaimed if you are VAT registered. Please check your VAT status, or consult your accountant

    What can be included in the agreement?
    Leasing enables the whole solution to be financed. This can include hardware, software, installation, training and warranties

    Can the equipment be upgraded?
    Yes. The equipment can be upgraded during the course of the agreement. Speak to us for further details.

    Is it possible to settle the agreement early?
    Yes. However we always recommend you speak to your accountant to make sure it does not create an adverse tax position.

    Is there a penalty for settling early?
    No. If you clear the account before it has run it’s full term then there is a reduction in the full amount payable.

    Can I pay a deposit to lower my monthly outlay?
    Yes. However you would need to contact us to find the correct figures based on your deposit amount.

    *includes setup/documentation fee
Is the manual zoom in this camera fully manual (Like the ones in HVR-Z7E, PMW-EX3) or is it just power assisted (like Sony HVR-Z5E, JVC HM-600)?
Fully manual like the EX3

In the preview models the sxs card reader door is silver. Is this the same for the retail version? Or is the door black as the rest of the camera.
Yes, the SxS door is a different colour to the body.

Does this camera come with batteries and charger as standard? thanks Mark
It does. For a complete list of what's included, click on the 'Specifications' tab on the product page and scroll to the bottom of the spec.
Does the side handle rotate like with the EX1/EX1R? Have heard that it doesn't move at all.
No, it does not rotate.

Hi,I've heard this camera has a 'quick flick' macro function but could see no reference to it in the spec. If it does have a macro facility please could you let me know the maximum magnification ratio eg 1:2 Many thanks,Sasha
There are two pointss here. First the Macro capability of the lens:-

Focus AF/MF/Full MF selectable, 800 mm to ? (MACRO OFF), 50 mm to
? (MACRO ON, Wide), 735 mm to ? (MACRO ON, Tele)

Then there's an 'Expanded Focus' button which is designed to aid focus adjustment:-

"When you press the EXPANDED FOCUS button, the center area of the picture is magnified on the LCD monitor/EVF screen ( 2x ), making the focus adjustment easier. Press the EXPANDED FOCUS button again or leave the focus ring unmoved for 5 seconds to resume the normal angle for recording." The magnified image is only shown in the viewfinder, it is not recorded.

Can the Sony PMW200 record on Sandisk SDHC cards using adapters?I currently use SDHC cards for my sony pmw350. Pls advice Thanks Raj
The SONY PMW-200 will accept SDHC cards when they are used with SXS adaptor cards such as the SONY MEAD-SDO1
Does this HDcam have enterchangeable lenses?Sony PMW-200 (PMW200) Full HD XDCAM EX 1/2inch CMOS.regards Albert
No. The Sony PMW-200 does not have an interchangeable lens.
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