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> Sony LMD-940W

Sony LMD-940W (LMD940W) 9inch AC/DC portable monitor with 10-bit processing and ChromaTRU (TM)

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Sony LMD-940W (LMD940W) 9inch AC/DC portable monitor with 10-bit processing and ChromaTRU (TM) £1,545.98 + VAT £1,855.18 inc VAT

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Sony LMD-940W (LMD940W) 9inch AC/DC portable monitor with 10-bit processing and ChromaTRU (TM)

Sony LMD-940W (LMD940W) 9inch AC/DC portable monitor with 10-bit processing and ChromaTRU (TM)

Sonys family of professional LCD displays is expanding to include the new LMD-940W 9-inch widescreen model (viewable area measured diagonally).

With a WVGA resolution of 800 x 400 and weighing less than 5 pounds, the new monitor is 3G SDI-ready and is ideal for rack-mount (4U bracket height), desktop, OB vans, and portable applications. This 9-inch version includes a detachable screen protection panel, screw holes for a camera pedestal on the bottom, a camera focus support function that increases the monitors aperture level for easier focusing, and native scanning for both standard- and high-definition signals.

The new monitor features an SDI input/output that switches between HD-SDI and SD-SDI, and is also capable of accepting a 3G HD-SDI signal. It supports composite video input/output, and features HDMI  inputs.

The LMD-940W model has 10-bit video processing and accepts multiple SD and HD video formats up to 1080/50P and 60P with 4:2:2 YCBCR 10-bit capability.

Capable of AC-, DC- and battery-powered operation, the monitor provides versatility in the field by incorporating an improved wave form monitor.

Also new is an embedded 8-channel audio level meter for SDI embedded audio.

The monitor features Sonys unique ChromaTRU colour processing. This technology compensates for variations in LCD color levels commonly caused by differences in chromaticity coordinates, color temperature and gamma curves.

ChromaTRU processing is based on color space conversion and white balance adjustment. Color space conversion adjusts chromaticity coordinates, color temperatures and gamma curves. White balance adjustment delivers broadcast-quality gradation while maintaining standardized gamma characteristics. The technology allows each model in this series to closely color-match not only other LMD monitors but also the SMPTE-C, EBU or ITU-BT709 color standards traditionally used in CRT models.

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    9-inch WVGA
    9-inch* WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) LCD panel

    * Viewable area, measured diagonally.

    Multi-format Signal Support - up to 3G SDI Input
    The LMD-940W monitor can accept almost any SD or HD video format, both analogue and digital. These include composite NTSC and PAL, component 480/60i and 575/50i, progressive 480/60P and 576/50P, and high-definition 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 720/60P, 1080/24P, 1080/25P, 1080/30P, 1080/24PsF, and 1080/25PsF. The LMD-940W can also accept 1080/50P and 1080/60P formats from a 3G SDI input. To provide mobility, the LMD-940W incorporates various video interfaces as standard, including composite, SDI interface* for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G SDI, and HDMI interface.

    * The SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G SDI inputs share the same BNC connector, which offers automatic signal detection.

    3G SDI Input
    The LMD-940W monitor has a 3G SDI input capability as standard. On Sony's monitors, the 3G SDI interface is compliant with the SMPTE 425 standard, transmitting up to 4:2:2/10-bit 1080/60P video data using one SDI cable. This single-link system is known as a SD-SDI or HD-SDI system, but it can also handle both Dual-Link HD-SDI and 3G SDI video data with the use of Sony's 3G SDI interface. This 3G SDI interface enables the LMD-940W monitor to accept 50P and 60P* video data. Where an upgrade to a Dual-Link HD-SDI system is necessary, this single-link 3G SDI system is also the ideal alternative.

    * 50P/60P images are reproduced without the delay caused by the I/P-conversion process.

    High Purity Colour Filters
    The LMD-940W monitor uses precisely manufactured RGB colour filters, allowing the reproduction of colours with stunning depth and saturation to create highly natural images.

    Accurate Gamma and Stable White Balance - ChromaTRU Colour Processing
    For an extra level of colour-reproduction accuracy, every LCD panel used in the LMD-940W monitor is precisely colour calibrated at the factory, providing characteristics consistent with those of CRT displays. The colours of an LCD display, by nature, can exhibit inaccurate R, G, B colour coordinates and unbalanced R, G, B gamma curves, which can make precise colour matching between multiple monitors a challenge. These are also the primary reasons why LCD colour tone can differ slightly from CRT tone. The LMD-940W monitor solves this problem by precisely calibrating each LCD panel's light output so that the R, G, B colour coordinates are virtually the same as those of a CRT monitor. A second calibration is further applied so that white balance is maintained at a consistent colour temperature throughout all grey scale levels. The result of these precise calibrations is colour reproduction reminiscent of Sony's CRT displays.

    Sophisticated I/P Conversion
    The LMD-940W monitor uses a motion-adaptive I/P-conversion process to achieve conversion results that are optimized to the picture content - whether it is static or dynamic. Highly accurate I/P conversion is provided regardless of signal resolution, for example, whether the input is HD or SD.

    Excellent Brightness and Contrast
    The LMD-940W monitor provides high-brightness, high-contrast images by utilizing super-wide aperture LCD panels.

    Extremely Wide Viewing Angle
    The LMD-940W monitor wide viewing angle both horizontally and vertically, with virtually no reduction in picture contrast, colour saturation and hue shift. This allows precise images to be clearly viewed from various positions and angles - a critical requirement in professional video monitoring.

    AR (anti-reflection) Coated Protection Panel*
    The LMD-940W monitor uses robust AR-coated protection layers, which minimize the chance of the panel being scratched during transportation - an extremely important criteria for use in the field or in any mobile application. The AR coating additionally has two unique characteristics: it provides a high transmission rate of the internal light source to keep the picture as bright as possible, and it keeps reflection from ambient light to a minimum. As a result, when used in bright lighting conditions, high contrast is still maintained even in dark areas of the picture.

    *This protection panel is detachable

    Advanced Marker Settings
    The LMD-940W monitor can display various area markers, including a centre marker and aspect markers. The brightness of these markers can be selected from three different levels: white, gray, and dark grey. Users can also select either a black or grey matte to fill the outer area of the aspect markers. These flexible marker controls, together with the choice of many different aspect markers, make the LMD-940W monitor extremely convenient display device for a variety of shooting scenarios.

    Assignable control panel
    In addition to the familiar OSD operation, the LMD Series monitors offer control functions on the monitor bezel. The LMD-940W incorporates a new control-function design. By assigning monitor functions* to each of its seven function buttons respectively, users can customize the LMD-940W for a specific application or usage such as field and studio use.

    *Brightness, Contrast, Chroma, Scan, H/V Delay, Volume, and I/P Mode are assignable.

    Colour Temperature
    Colour temperatures of 9300k, 6500k, or a user preset value can be selected.

    Selectable Scan Size for Video Input and Aspect Ratio
    The scan size can be selected between 5% over scan and 0% scan modes. The aspect ratio can be switched between 16:9 and 4:3 according to the input signal.

    Three-colour Tally
    The LMD-940W comes equipped with a tally lamp that can be lit via a parallel remote connector. The status of the signal displayed on the monitor can be identified by the tally colour - red, green, or amber.

    Parallel and Serial Remote Control
    The LMD-940W monitor can be controlled remotely via a parallel and serial remote connector. There are 27 functions in the parallel remote menu (such as the ability to switch input signals), of which eight can be allocated to the connector. The serial remote controls are supported via the Ethernet command.

    Audio Monitoring
    The LMD-940W is equipped with a headphone jack and a monaural speaker (0.5 W), which enable the user to monitor audio.

    Protected Controls
    The key-inhibit function helps prevent inadvertent operation from the control panel.

    19-inch EIA Standard Rack
    The LMD-940W is 4U high and half-rack wide. Using the optional MB-531 Mounting Bracket with a 10-degree-forward and 10-degree-backward nonstop-tilt capability, two units can be installed side by side in a 19-inch EIA standard rack.

    Screw holes for Camera Pedestal
    The LMD-940W monitor has 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch screw holes on the bottom. These allow the LMD-940W monitor to be installed in a camera system, for example, by mounting it on a camera pedestal. The LMD-940W can also control and increase the aperture level of a video signal to help camera focus operation.

    Optional ENG Kit available
    The LMD-940W monitor is a strategic choice for use in ENG and EFP field operations. When compared to CRT displays, the picture contrast of these monitors is affected less by ambient light, allowing clear images to be viewed even under strong sunlight. For further protection, the optional VF-510 ENG Kit provides a Viewing Hood, Carrying Handle, and Connector Protector.

    Picture Performance
    TypeA-Si TFT Active Matrix LCD
    Resolution800 x 480 pixels
    Picture Size (H x W) and Viewable area (Diagonal)Approx.195 x 117 mm (Approx. 7 3/4 x 4 5/8 inches)
    Approx. 227 mm (Approx. 9 inches)
    ColoursApprox. 16.7 million colours
    Viewing Angle85/85/85/85 (typical) (up/down/left/right contrast>10:1)
    BNC x 1, 1.0 VP-p ??3dB sync negative
    BNC x 1
    HDMI Input
    HDMI x 1
    Stereo Mini jack x 1 -5 dBu 47 k ohms or higher
    Parallel remote
    Modular connector 8 pin x 1 (pin assignment at users' allocation)
    Serial remote (LAN)
    RJ-45 modular connector (ETHERNET) x 1 (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)
    BNC x 1, Loop-though, with 75 ohms automatic termination
    BNC x 1 Output signal amplitude:800mVp-p ?? 10%
    4pin mini DIN x 1 Loop-though, with 75 ohms automatic termination
    Audio monitor out
    Stereo Mini jack x 1
    Headphones Output
    Mini jack x 1
    Speaker (Built-in)
    0.5 W Monaural
    Power RequirementAC100 V to 240 V 50/60 Hz 0.4 A to 0.2 A, DC 12 V, 1.9 A
    Power ConsumptionMaximum Approx. 24 W
    Operating Temperature0 to 40C (recommended operation temperature 20 to 30C)
    Operating Humidity30 to 85% (No condensation)
    Storage & Transport Temperature-20 to 60C
    Storage & Transport Humidity0 to 90%
    Operating/Storage/Trans. Pressure700 to 1060 hPa
    Dimensions (W x H x D)
    Dimensions without stand
    Approx. 222.4 x 166 x 70 mm (8 7/8 x 6 5/8 x 2 7/8 inches)
    When AC adaptor is installed Approx. 2.6 kg (5 lb 12 oz)
    Without AC adaptor Approx. 2.0 kg (4 lb 6 oz)

    3G ready
    Equipped as standard with a 3G input, the LMD-940W allows single HD-SDI link for 1080p signals. Simple connectivity - Single link!

    ChromaTRU technology
    The Sony ChromaTRU technology delivers precise colour accuracy, CRT like gamma and a stable colour temperature, useful for any viewing environment requiring matching and repeatable picture quality.

    New Waveform and Audio level meter
    The LMD-940W is equipped with a WFM/ALM allowing to display separately the video and Audio up to eight channels. Integrating the WFM and ALM inside the monitor means less equipment is required for outdoor operation and brings cost savings.

    Native scan for SD/HD
    Native scan is a nice function to reproduce pixel to pixel images with no artefact usually occurring when using a scaling processor. It improves the picture performance of the monitor.

    Camera focus function
    This feature allows the user to easily adjust the camera focus.

    HDMI input
    An HDMI connection can transmit a Video/Audio or computer signal through a single connector. This type of connection is becoming a standard compatible with a wide range of HD formats.

    Ethernet remote
    Equipped with an Ethernet connector, the LMD-940W can be controlled at distance. It enhances user flexibility in large monitoring installation.

    Supplied Accessories

    • AC power code
    •  AC power adoptor 
    •  AC plug holder 
    •  Operating Instructions 
    •  CD-ROM 
    •  Warranty book 
    •  Using the CD-ROM Manual
    • Photolease
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      Deposit £0
      Term 24
      Monthly Payment £
      First Payment* £
      Setup Fee £50
      Total Finance Amount £
      91.12 48.53 34.42 27.49


      Photolease is an independent finance company who have specialised in leasing equipment to the imaging industry for over twenty five years.


      1. Banking facilities left available for special projects and unforeseen expenses.
      2. Small initial outlay usually amounting to just one months rental.
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      4. A single payment at the end of the lease guarantees retention of the asset for the remainder of its working life.
      5. If you want to sell the equipment after the lease has ended you will receive the sale proceeds.
      6. Rentals are fully tax deductible.
      7. Cash flow is protected and the asset earns revenue in payment of the lease.
      8. No need to be VAT registered.



      What happens at the end of the lease?

      We will extend the agreement indefinitely on payment of a single further monthly rental. After that you can keep the equipment and will never have to pay any more.

      Isn't leasing just for companies who can't afford the cash?
      No. Companies who lease do so because they know that there are better uses for their spare funds.

      Is leasing only relevant for large acquisitions?
      No. Transactions of all sizes are completed using lease agreements. You can lease equipment worth as little as £1000.

      Do I have to insure the equipment?
      Yes. It is your responsibility to keep the equipment insured for all risks for the term of the agreement.

      What happens if the equipment becomes faulty?
      You have the protection of the manufacturers and/or suppliers warranty. Responsibility for repairs out of warranty are yours.

      What about VAT?
      Rentals attract VAT. This can be reclaimed if you are VAT registered. Please check your VAT status, or consult your accountant

      What can be included in the agreement?
      Leasing enables the whole solution to be financed. This can include hardware, software, installation, training and warranties

      Can the equipment be upgraded?
      Yes. The equipment can be upgraded during the course of the agreement. Speak to us for further details.

      Is it possible to settle the agreement early?
      Yes. However we always recommend you speak to your accountant to make sure it does not create an adverse tax position.

      Is there a penalty for settling early?
      No. If you clear the account before it has run it’s full term then there is a reduction in the full amount payable.

      Can I pay a deposit to lower my monthly outlay?
      Yes. However you would need to contact us to find the correct figures based on your deposit amount.

      *includes setup/documentation fee
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