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> SONY HDS-X5800

Sony HDS-X5800 (HDSX-580) Routing Switcher Processor Mainframe

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Sony HDS-X5800 (HDSX-580) Routing Switcher Processor Mainframe

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Sony HDS-X5800 (HDSX-580) Routing Switcher Processor Mainframe

Sony HDS-X5800 (HDSX-580) Routing Switcher Processor Mainframe

The HDS-X5800 is a large-scale, multi-format and multi bit-rate scaleable routing switcher that can be expanded up to a maximum size of 1056 x 1088 from 143 Mb/s to 1.5 Gb/s. The power consumption is approximately 900 W including a redundant PSU and CPU. The 264 x 272 chassis only requires 22RU.

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    High Density and Compact Size
    The major feature of the HDS-X5800 series is the high crosspoint density, within a compact frame.

    Using a new generation of crosspoint ICs, has lead to a significant reduction in the size of the product.
    The HDS-X5800 Series routers come in a compact size of 22RU.

    Bit rates
    Similar to the HDS-X3000 series, the HDS-X5800 router can handle a number of different bit rates of 143, 170, 270, 360 and 540Mbs utilising the SD I/O option boards. In addition to this the HDS-X Series can handle bit rates from 19.93Mbs to 143Mbs and for HD, the bit rates are 1.500 Gbps when equipped with the HD/SD SDI I/O boards.

    The crosspoint will auto select for the bit rate being used. Therefore it is possible to pass multiple bit rates within the router without any operator intervention.

    DVB-ASI and SDDI Compatible
    As DVB-ASI and SDDI increasingly are being used within transmission and/or studio areas, the ability to route these signals becomes equally important.

    One of the problems associated with digital routing switchers is that although some routers will pass the DVB/ASI signals, some of the outputs are inverted. However, in the case of the HDS-X5800 the polarity between the inputs and the outputs is the same. (HKS-5830M matrix board must be installed).

    S-BUS Control
    The HDS-X3000 Series Routers have S-BUS interfaces, permitting control on a single coax cable from the wide range of BKS-R Series control panels, or of secondary routing systems within the system.

    In line with all Sony routing products, the HDS-X5800 series supports S-BUS, currently P1 and P2. RS-422 is also available. Legacy routing systems will continue to be supported with the BKPF-401. These include Pro-bel, Utah and Philips/BTS. The unit can also interface to Pharos touch screen router system.

    Redundant PSU
    The HDS-X5800 is fitted with two separate power supply units, providing protection in the event of accidental failure of the any one PSU.

    Redundant Control Board
    The HDS-X5800 is fitted with two separate control boards, main and redundant, providing protection in the event of accidental failure of the main control board.

    Reference Signals
    Dual video references can be applied to the HDS-X5800, so a routing system can run in SDI and HD-SDI mode.

    The references can be at 50Hz, 59.94, 60Hz and 48Hz and 47.95Hz. Both black burst and tri-level syncs can simultaneously be applied to the router for both SD and HD applications.

    Auto cable EQ on inputs
    Due to the possibility of different bit rates entering the router, the EQ on the inputs is automatic.

    Re-clocking on Outputs
    Each output is re-clocked.

    Hot-Swap capability
    For the servicing of these routers, the boards can be exchanged with the power still applied.

    Input Modules – Optional SD or HD/SD Inputs
    The HDS-X5800 is user configurable, dependent on router size and bit rate requirements, SD/HD.

    The HDS-X5800 can be configured in size groups of 33 inputs. i.e. 33, 66, 99, 132, 165, 198, 231, 264.

    Output Modules – Optional SD or HD/SD Outputs
    The HDS-X5800 is user configurable, dependent on router size and bit rate requirements, SD/HD.

    The HDS-X5800 can be configured in size groups of 34 outputs. i.e. 34, 68, 102, 136, 170, 204, 238, 272.

    Power RequirementsAC100V to 240V, 50 to 60 Hz
    Power Consumption900W fully configured
    Operating Temperature5 to 40C
    10 to 90% humidity
    REMOTE 1S-BUS: BNC type (4)
    (Data transfer rate: 312 Kb/s or 1250 Kb/s
    Data transfer method: Bi-Phase Space
    Transmission distance: 500 m
    (75 ohms, with Belden 8281, Fujikura 5C2V or equivalent coaxial cable)
    REMOTE 2Complies with RS-422A signal standard: D-sub 9-pin (2)
    Data transfer rate: 38.4 kb/s
    Protocol: Cart+
    REMOTE 3Complies with RS-232C signal standard for connecting a control terminal: D-sub 9-pin Male (1)
    Terminal: 9600/38400 b/s DTR control, 8 bits, no parity, no check, 1 stop bit
    ALARM OUTParallel (relay)
    (4 connecting points): Mini D-sub 9-pin Female
    SYNCTri-level sync/Black burst: BNC (with loop-through)

    Proven future-proof technology
    The HDS-X5800 Series routers provide a reliable interface to todays broadcast technology whilst a carefully planned development path that includes SD and HD I/O option boards future-proofs each customers investment.

    Multi Bit rate operation
    The HDS-X5800 series is a new generation of digital routing switchers. With bit rates from 143Mbs to 1.5Gbps, customers are indeed provided with a future proof solution if they consider moving to higher bit rates or to HD.

    Unbeatable pricing levels
    In todays competitive world, cost is an important consideration. The HDS-X5800 Series is a competitively priced router solution.

    Compact Size
    Designed for installations where space may be at a premium. The HDS-X5800 router takes up 22 units of rack space with all processing installed inside this unit. Controlling the router is achieved via a choice of compact control panels in addition to the BZR-2000 operation software.


    Supplied Accessories

    • Back-up software - BZR-20
    • T-Bridge
    • 75 Ohm Terminators
    • Maintenance Manual
    • Operating Manual
    • Installation Manual
    • Router Mainframe - HDS-X5800
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