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> Olympus LS14 Recorder

Olympus LS14 (LS-14) Pro Quality Linear PCM Music Recorder

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Olympus LS14 (LS-14) Pro Quality Linear PCM Music Recorder £149.00 + VAT £178.80 inc VAT

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Olympus LS14
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Olympus LS14 (LS-14) Pro Quality Linear PCM Music Recorder

Smart and simple

Switch it on, turn the dial and start recording. The eye-catching Olympu LS-14 make's it that simple to record in professional quality. The mode dial lets users choose between the tuner and three recording modes – Quick, Manual and Smart. No volume adjustments are necessary in Quick mode thanks to Automatic Gain Control (AGC) – making it ideal for recording quick memos. In Manual mode, users have complete control of levels – even during recording. The clever Smart mode, meanwhile, automatically adjusts to the best levels to ensure professional results: it detects the maximum volume input during a set time interval and optimises the recording level. Recording then automatically commences once the interval has elapsed. A clear user interface complements these recorders with intuitive icons and multiple screens on the 1.75” (4.45cm) backlit display to ensure easy operation.

Clear and powerfulsound

Superior sound is what you expect from the Olympus LS-14 and it uphold's this tradition admirably – recording in professional, uncompressed 96kHz/24bit Linear PCM quality, which far surpasses 44.1kHz/16bit CD quality audio, or in the popular MP3 format.The LS-14 boasts a “Tresmic” system, which incorporates an improved third, omni-directional mic placed in the centre. The result is a wide frequency range, which extends to as low as 20Hz to ensure natural bass recording. Both models support faithful audio capture up to a sound pressure level of 130dBspl that ensures clipping is not an issue even when recording extremely loud sources.

Musical maestro

A true companion for musicians, the LS-14 include's a chromatic tuner to keep you in key. Users also have the option to depict waveforms on the built-in screen. This provides the opportunity, for example, to check whether a stable pitch has been played and held over a certain timeframe. Meanwhile, the metronome function, indicated by a flashing LED, will keep you in time. Overdubbing lets users record over a file or section of music while listening to it, which is then saved together as a new file. Furthermore, tracks can be divided and then incremented to assist in getting the track just right – with the LS-14 also enabling on-unit trimming.
The Olympus LS-14 comes with 4GB internal memory.And additionally boast's an SD/SDHC slot (up to 32GB) for added versatility. A tripod hole on the back of this units also allows for easy attachment to tripods or the CL2 Stand Clip (included with the LS-14).

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    Cutting-edge microphone system for clear and powerful sound

    • Produce loud, wideband recordings with a TRESMIC system and acoustic resistance of 130dBspl.
    • The LS-14 effortlessly captures pristine, better-than-CD quality sound as linear PCM recording with up to 96kHz/24bit. It does this by teaming up two internal 90-degree directional microphones with a third omnidirectional centre “TRESMIC,” increasing the frequency response range to an impressive 20Hz - 20 kHz for capturing lower-bass frequencies. This system is also capable of capturing pure sound of up to 130 decibels – more than enough for even the loudest of rock bands without experiencing clipping issues. The audio and system circuitry are separated to minimise sound degradation, while a switchable low-cut filter (100Hz/300Hz) helps you reduce unwanted background noises, wherever you’re recording.

    Tuner, metronome, overdubbing & more.

    • Enhance your tracks with high-powered functions specifically developed for musicians.
    • From the Chromatic Tuner for getting instruments in tune and the Metronome for keeping everything in time, right through to high-powered overdubbing capabilities and variable playback speed control, the LS-14 boasts a whole bunch of features that will be music to any musician’s ears. The ingenious pre-record buffer even captures several seconds of sound before you press the record button, so you never miss the beginning of a track recording. And once you’ve finished recording, the LS-14 also gives you a host of professional file management and editing options – including File Divide, Partial Erase, and Trimming capabilities.

    Enhance your recordings still further

    • Kit your LS-14 out with useful accessories included, plus a host of optional extras
    • .Included in the box content and easily attachable to a tripod hole positioned on the back of the LS-14, the new Stand Clip brings endless flexibility to your recording sessions. It’s two-way design gives you the option of positioning the recorder exactly where you need it on a tabletop or other flat surface while minimising surface vibration, or clipping it directly to a microphone stand for impeccable recordings in close-up. Also included in the box content of the LS-14 is a reliable protective case.Operating on two AA alkaline batteries (included) or two AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, the LS-14 boasts up to 46 hours of continuous recording. And you also have the option of remote recording with the quick addition of an optional remote sender and receiver, which gives you the freedom to move as you record and usefully cancel out any noise from direct handling of the device.

    Main Features

    • High quality stereo microphones (additional omni-directional microphone (TRESMIC) LS-14)
    • Professional PCM recording (24bit/96kHz) / MP3 / BWF
    • Sound pressure level up to 130dBSPLFrequency characteristics of built in microphones: 20Hz to 20kHz (LS-14); 60Hz to 20kHz (LS-12)
    • Pre-recording function
    • Essential music functions: tuner, metronome, overdubbing, partial delete and trimming* (*LS-14)
    • Track increment: divide file during recordingPlayback speed control from 50-300%
    • Outstanding battery life: up to 50hrs (LS-12) / 46hrs (LS-14 with 3 mics on)
    • Voice Guidance (LS-14)
    • LS-14: stand clip (CL2) and case included
    • Optional Wireless Remote Controller (RS30W)
    Storage Media Internal / Removable MediaInternal + RemovableExternal
    Memory (Slot) SD / SDHC card (512 MB - 32 GB)
    Internal memory 4GB
    USB functionality USB Speed,USB 2.0 High Speed
    USB Classes USB Storage class,USB Composite device
    Display Display Backlit,Yes
    Display colour White
    Display Type Full Dot Matrix Display
    Display Size 30.1 x 35.4mm / 1.83''
    Device operation Mode select dial,Yes
    Recording Modes Recording format,PCM / MP3,96kHz / 24bit,1h35min,88.2kHz / 24bit,1h 45min,48kHz / 16bit,4h 50min,44.1kHz /16bit,5h 15min,44.1kHz (Mono),10h 35min,320 kbps,23h 30min,256 kbps,29h,128 kbps,58h 30min,64 kbps (Mono),117h
    Smart Rec Yes,PCM (WAV) format,MP3 format
    Playback Modes Playback format,PCM (WAV) / MP3
    Frequency response 96 kHz,20 - 44.000Hz,88.1kHz,20 - 42,000Hz,48kHz,20 - 23.000Hz,44.1kHz,20 - 21.000Hz,44.1kHz (Mono),20 - 21.000Hz,320 kbps,20 - 20.000Hz,256 kbps,20 - 20.000Hz,128 kbps,20 - 17.000Hz,64 kbps (Mono)20 - 13.000Hz
    MP3 format PCM (WAV) format
    Internal microphones 20 - 20.000Hz
    Record function Index,Yes
    Auto recording Pre-Recording
    Sound control Rec Monitor,Manual Rec level control,Low Cut-Filter
    Advanced recording Direct recording,Overdubbing
    Playback function Gapless Playback,Yes
    Playback control Playback Speed Control
    Repeat functions Repeat playback
    Data organisation File move,Yes/File divide,Yes/File Copy (Folder to Folder),Yes/File Copy (internal memory - external memory),Yes/Time&date info,Yes
    Erase Erase all files/Erase single files/Partial (PCM only)
    Other Features Remote Control,Yes (optional)/Chromatic Tuner,Yes/Metronome function,Yes/Voice guidance,Yes
    Interfaces Input LINE IN input level,- 6 dBv/PC interface,USB Cable/Microphone sensitivity / gain,High / Middle /Low/Microphone jack,3.5 ø mm mini-jack, impedance 2 kΩ/LINE IN jack,3.5 ø mm jack, impedance 10 kΩ.
    Interfaces Output Max. working output,300mW or more (8 Ω speaker)/Maximum headphone output,2 mW + 2 mW/Speaker Diameter,Built-in ø 28 mm round dynamic speaker/Earphone jack,3.5 ø mm jack, impedance 8Ω or more
    Power Supply Power Supply,AA batteries (LR6 or ZR6) or two Ni-MH rechargeable batteries/Alkaline battery life,Recording: 46h/External power supply,USB connecting AC adapter (A-514)
    DimensionsWeight 170g (incl. batteries)/WxHxD,52.5 x 138.7 x 23.5mm
    Languages Menu languages,EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/RU/PL/CS/SV/DA/NL/CN/TW
    Operating Systems & Requirements Windows,Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/ Vista/7/8
    Macintosh Operating system: Mac OS X 10.4.11 - 10.8
    Microphone System TRESMIC (3 Mic System),Yes/Max. Sound Pressure,130dB SPL

    Pro recordings made easy

    • This top sound quality is thanks to the TRESMIC 3-microphone system with two stereo microphones at 90 degrees and a third centralomnidirectional mic. Together, they capture effortlessly capture pure and pristine sound at all sound frequencies from high to low, and atup to an incredible 130 db SPL.On top of this, you can also enhance your tracks still further with a range of sophisticated functions specifically developed for musiciansto produce the very best recordings - including a Chromatic Tuner for getting instruments in tune, a Metronome for keeping everythingin time, high-powered overdubbing capabilities and variable playback speed control.
    • Olympus LS-14 Linear PCM Music Recorder
    • 2x AA Batteries
    • USB Cable
    • Carrying case
    • Stand Clip
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